What to Consider When Making Your 2021 Commercial Playground Budget

Details for Playground Budget Planning

With the holidays behind us, the start of a new year is finally here. This is an exciting season as it is an opportunity to plan for a great year ahead. As the calendar turns to 2021, this is a common and practical time to construct an annual budget. You may have new playground equipment in your organization’s plans this year—if so, we would like to point you in the right direction of what aspects to consider when seeking funding and forming a playground budget. From your commercial playground pros serving Los Angeles and San Diego, below is a short guide of what to consider when budgeting for new playground equipment.

Commercial Playground Equipment: What Should San Diego and LA Organizations Factor into Their Budgets?

Health and Safety Trends

We all know the severity of health and safety risks our world faced in 2020. As those concerns and realities continue into 2021, our society is now closer to solutions that can enable our communities to resume our everyday lives. With new developments that will minimize the effects of the current pandemic, restrictions may be reduced in 2021. This means that families may be eager to get out and play when it is safe to do so.

When forming your budget in 2021, keep in mind that our communities may experience a gradual increase in recreational activities. This could mean that playgrounds at San Diego and Southern California neighborhoods, schools, local parks, and more might experience an uptick in attendance. Is your current play area equipped for increased attendance? To accommodate larger crowds and potential social distancing guidelines, this year may be a great time to expand your play area.

Current Playground Needs

Take this planning process as an opportunity to assess your current playground equipment. Your existing equipment may require replacing, enhancing, or upgrading that may go unnoticed during the off-season until it’s time to open up the playground. Consider potential issues such as safety hazards, community growth, and other factors that may need to be resolved with commercial playground equipment.

Take note of…

  • What needs to be replaced
  • Expansion opportunities
  • Necessary updates
  • Improved surfacing

If your play area has been closed for some time due to the winter or pandemic-related restrictions, evaluate whether you will need to make room in the budget for playground improvements. By spending time to assess the playground and factor in these costs at the beginning of the year, you will avoid potential unexpected expenses later in the year that could harm your annual budget.

Your Audience

Your playground budget may vary depending on the demographics of your audience. When forming your budget, factor in details such as the age of your visitors. By knowing your audience, you can forecast for age-appropriate equipment that is tailored to your playground’s visitors. This will attract families from around the community. That said, play equipment is only a part of what makes up a recreational area—depending on your audience, it also may be beneficial to install outdoor fitness equipment, dog park equipment, site furnishings, or shade amenities. By knowing your audience, you’ll be able to have a better idea of how to shape your budget for this year to improve your play area and other recreational offerings.

AccessibilityHandicapped Child Playing with Fully Inclusive Playground Panel

As an extension to the previous point, consider ADA-accessible playground equipment when planning your budget. Having inclusive play areas makes it that everyone in the community can enjoy your playground. With an accessible playground, your neighborhood, school, park, or community will appeal to a wider demographic. This will expand your audience, which will increase your organization’s popularity.

Additional Equipment

New playground equipment may fit into your organization’s goals, but also be mindful of the additional equipment that complements a play area—more specifically, site furnishings. While this seems like a minor detail, site furnishings really complete a play area and take your amenities to the next level.

commercial playground equipment san diegoSome of the more common site furnishing options include…

  • Benches
  • Picnic tables
  • Trash receptacles
  • Bike racks

By including these elements, your budget will be much more accurate when moving forward with new playground equipment. It’s better to factor in these costs now than to add them on later unexpectedly. Also, consider other equipment options such as shade amenities and play alternatives like net climbers. Depending on your site’s specifics, these may be great solutions that add an extra element of fun and enjoyability to the play area.


Peak playground season is quickly approaching in San Diego, Los Angeles, and the Southern California area. Does your commercial playground equipment budget line up with when your park, neighborhood, or school will have its most visitors? Consider when would be the best time to move forward with new recreational equipment. Be aware of how long design, shipping, installation, and inspection periods may take.

commercial playground equipment san diegoWhat to Factor into Your Playground Budget

  • Equipment
  • Surfacing
  • Installation
  • Accessories
  • Shipping

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