5 Points to Sell Your HOA on a Commercial Playground

Reasons Your Los Angeles Neighborhood Should Invest in a Play Area

If you think back, you probably have prominent memories as a kid or even as a parent playing on a playground. You can imagine the setting, what color it was, and other little details about it—and that just goes to show how much of an impact playgrounds have on our lives, especially during our impressionable years. Your Los Angeles based community could have a place in the memories of countless families if it had a play area. If you’re in a position to pitch commercial playground equipment to your HOA board, here are five selling points to consider to help make that a reality.

5 Benefits of Playground Equipment for Los Angeles Neighborhoods

1. Attract Young Families

The joy on a kid’s face when running around on the playground: PRICELESS. It’s no secret that kids love playgrounds, so of course a play area would be a huge selling point for a young family looking to move in. Offering the convenience of a safe and beautiful playground will take your community to the next level.

2. Make the Neighborhood Safer

As your community spends more time outside and gets more involved, your neighborhood should become a safer place. As residents are more active and spend more time with one another, the community will look out for one another and help make the neighborhood safer. Imagine if you have old or dormant amenities that no one utilized—those common areas might be used for trouble, but an often used and well-watched area will deter crime.

3. Beautify Common Areas

Adding a commercial playground to your Los Angeles HOA community will add charm and purpose to your neighborhood. With the new playground, your community will have a nice area that would improve the overall look and feel of the neighborhood. With great landscaping and other amenities, this area will leave a nice impression for residents and set the tone for the rest of the community.

4. Open Opportunities for Other Amenities

As you invest in a play area, you might find that the land next to it could be used for a number of things—a pool, tennis courts, basketball courts, outdoor fitness equipment, or a dog park just to name a few. As you see your community becoming more involved and using the playground, you might find it beneficial to add more amenities and attract a broader range of residents.

5. Improve the Health of Your Community

As little Johnny and little Suzie are having a blast on the slides and swings, the rest of the family can join for a day of fun. This encourages families to be active outside while also making for great memories under the sun. The more opportunities your residents have to spend outside, the more active they will be, helping them to stay in shape in a fun and enjoyable way.

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