Commercial Shade Structures, Planning for Fun and Safety

Commercial Shade Structures are a Bright Idea

One of the biggest benefits of living in Southern California is its beautiful weather. Seldomly having rainy days, this area is well-known for its sunshine—daily perfect weather is definitely a perk of this beloved area, but it can sometimes be a burden. For many of us, a day of leisure outside usually means packing an umbrella, applying sunblock and wearing a protective hat. Parks can improve their amenities, making them safe and enjoyable for all, by adding commercial shade structures. Whether for your playground or picnic area, shade is an appreciated feature by parkgoers that many designers and planners overlook; below are a few reasons why you should consider a shade structure for your upcoming project.

How are Commercial Shade Structures Beneficial?

They Protect Children from UV Rays

Extended exposure to the sun can be harmful to children and parkgoers. While the sun is an excellent source of Vitamin D, it can lead to sunburns, premature wrinkling and risk of skin cancer. Playgrounds are meant for making memories, letting friends and families bond—it would be a shame for a day at the park to result in a nagging sunburn or health problems down the road. Though nothing beats the shade, you can find additional information on how to protect children from the sun on the CDC’s website.

They Allow Users to Stay Outside Longer

The peak of most days here in Southern California are hot and draining for many. Kids on a playground directly under the sun can become overheated, dehydrated and exhausted much quicker than if they were playing in the shade. A shaded playground can be enjoyed during all times of the day, allowing kids to play for hours upon hours while minimizing the sun’s effects as much as possible.

They Extend the Lifespan of Your Equipment

Even though outdoor equipment is designed to last for years, the sun may be damaging to some play structures. When under the sun 365 days of the year, your playground equipment may wear over time just from sun damage. Between fading colors and general wear and tear from the weather, playgrounds can have a shortened life when constantly exposed to the sun. A commercial shade structure would keep your equipment out of the sun and the rain, keeping it as pristine as possible for years to come.

They Make Your Area More Enjoyable

Aside from the health benefits of keeping cool in the shade, shade structures can make your park more enjoyable. Remember the scorching hot days of your childhood? The jungle gym you spent so many hours on would burn your hands during the peak of summer, and the slide could make the back of your legs uncomfortably hot. Sure, we still had fun, but the overall area of a playground could be improved with commercial shade structures. Visitors of your park can enjoy a warm day in Orange County without having to worry about burning hot equipment or scorching, long periods under the sun.

They Can Be Used for Picnic and Other Gathering Areas

Commercial shade structures aren’t only for play areas. They can be used at dog parks to keep your puppies cool. They can be used at office outdoor areas to cover eating spaces and patios. They can be used over outdoor fitness equipment to keep users comfortable while using the gear. Commercial shade structures are beneficial in many ways and can be utilized for myriad uses.

Safely Enjoy Sunny Days

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