Commercial Slides: The Different Types

Commercial slides are one of the staples to a playground and a play structure is not complete without a slide. When children climb up onto the platforms through the various climbers or by the steps, the most enjoyable way to come back down is through the colorful slide and not back through the climber. Before you choose to add a slide to your playground, let’s talk about the different types of commercial slides.

Open vs. Tube

Commercial Open Slides
Child having fun on open slide

The components that make up a slide are fairly simple. Crafted with high quality plastic, our commercial slides are connected to a raised platform. Typically, slides come with an overhead frame as a safety feature to prevent children from standing on top of a slide. Also, they include a chute that kids slide down. There are two types of chutes: open slides and tube slides. Open slides are the more common version of commercial slides. They allow children to feel the wind in their hair and see the world around them as they slide down. Not to mention, open slides are easier to install. On the other hand, tube slides are completely enclosed from the moment the child sits down on the top of the slide to the moment he or she lands on the ground after sliding.

Straight, Curved, or Spiral

Picture of Spiral Slide
Green spiral, tube slide

The direction and trajectory of a child who goes down a slide can vary. We offer straight, curved, or spiral commercial slides which can be open or tube. Children can still have fun on a straight slide but a curved slide gives children a little excitement and thrill. As opposed to a straight slide, children are taken on twists and turns. We provide slightly curved slides and 90 degree curved slides. In contrast, spiral commercial slides take things to a new level. On a spiral slide, kids cannot necessarily see their path in front of them which adds an exciting rush. Commercial slides also benefit children’s physical development by building balance. Whether it’s a straight, curved, or spiral slide, children learn to keep their torsos balanced despite gravity.

Component vs. Free-Standing

One option for commercial slides is to attach it to a playground as a component. Also, in addition to purchasing a playground structure, slides can be customized to connect to the structure. This way, kids won’t have to go far to slide down a slide. Another option is to purchase a free-standing or stand-alone slide meaning that it is not attached to a playground structure and comes with a set of stairs.

Additional Variations of Slides

Cool Commercial Slide
Alpine Thunder Slide with textured slide surfaces

The information above allows you to customize your slide based on your needs and desires. However, we also offer cool, new designs such as our Tri-Chute slide that connects three slides together. Thus, this lets children race with their friends to see who slides down first. With a Tri-Chute slide, kids won’t have to wait in a line and they can slide down as many times as they want! Another cool variation is our Over and Under sectional slide which mimics an amusement park ride. After sliding on the top slide, children can choose to switch to the bottom slide. A third, fun alternative is our Alpine Thunder slide which connects three different types of slides. This slide features an open concept and different surface textures. Kids can choose to slide on a wavy slide, smooth slide, or bumpy slide.

Ready to purchase a slide?

Our commercial slides come in many colors to choose from and vary in heights of 3′ to 8′. Whether you want to add a slide to your playground in mind or want a free-standing slide, Zoom Recreation is here to help! We’ll guide you and help match you with the right slide for your school or community! Feel free to call us at 866-234-3392 or fill out a contact form. Like what you see? Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for our daily posts!