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During a child’s formative years, outdoor play is essential. These are opportunities to learn lessons, stretch the imagination, and create lifelong memories. At Zoom Recreation, we want to make these moments possible for kids and families by helping communities develop impactful play areas. Our professionals handle every project from concept to creation, recommending the industry’s best products for solutions that match your community’s needs and fit your organization’s budget. Zoom Recreation is passionate about helping West Coast schools, parks, churches, neighborhoods, and more in finding their perfect play area solution that promotes a healthier, safer, and happier community.

Results to Smile About

At the end of the day, what matters most is that your park’s visitors are happy – whether that’s students at a school or residents in a neighborhood. We design and install our playgrounds with your goals in mind to best serve the people who will enjoy them most. Zoom Recreation offers customized services that follow a turnkey process. Using IPEMA-certified products, our playgrounds and recreational areas meet ASTM and CPSC safety standards. Every play area by Zoom Recreation is installed by CPSI-certified technicians to ensure every product is safe for everyday use. Our team will take the time to understand your goals and budget to provide the best possible commercial play area for your community.

Playground Equipment

When considering a new playground, it’s sometimes easy to forget that feeling of being a kid, freely running around a play area. Nothing can replicate that sensation, and we at Zoom Recreation want to inspire today’s children with play structures that stimulate creativity and imagination. Our budget-friendly and high-quality playgrounds are a hit among parks and communities across California. With ADA-accessible equipment available, our commercial playground solutions assure everyone is included in on the fun. We partner with Superior Recreational Products, which is one of the U.S.’s leaders and innovators in playground equipment; we have found their products are a tremendous benefit to communities and are produced at a price-point that fits many budgets. Zoom Recreation is an experienced team focused on customer satisfaction and meeting your organization’s goals.

Net Climbers

Playground equipment is more than just slides and swing sets Net climbers are a great addition to any community, oftentimes being the biggest hit at the most popular play areas. Schools, parks, neighborhoods, churches, and more can take their play area to the next level with net climbers. They offer unique developmental opportunities and, with high-capacity options available, are very appealing for park visitors, neighborhood residents, and students. Our net climber options are safe and durable with ADA-accessible features. These long-lasting designs are a great long-term investment that is a benefit to any community.

Shade Amenities

Even when you need a break from the sun, the fun never stops! Shade structures benefit pools, play areas, parking lots, and more by keeping everyone cool, safe, and comfortable. This is a year-round solution to making your recreational area enjoyable through every season. Built to last, our shade amenities are made with UV-stabilized shade fabrics, wind-resistant frames, fire-resistant materials, and abrasion-resistant fabrics.

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    Steel Shelters

    The everyday park can be made into an appealing venue with the addition of a steel shelter. This is where families can host celebrations, where schools can have outdoor learning sessions, and where communities can come together for a meal. steel shelters add to a recreational area’s functionality while also boosting its appearance and drawing in visitors to come and enjoy the amenities. We partner with Superior Shelters to provide great long-lasting solutions that will add appeal and functionality to any recreational area. As a low-maintenance option, our steel shelter products vary in dimensions and frame types to match any specifications.

    Outdoor Fitness Equipment

    Kids will stay active on playgrounds, but what about your other parkgoers? Outdoor fitness equipment enables your visitors to embrace a healthy lifestyle, attracting new parkgoers to come and experience all your recreational area has to offer. We find that outdoor fitness equipment is a benefit for any community, and Zoom Recreation will work with you to find a solution that works best for your plan.

    Webcoat By Superior Site Furnishings

    Make your play area complete and more enjoyable with the addition of site furnishing amenities Our durable products are great for long-term use.

    Nature Play

    Kids’ imaginations run wild when they’re on the playground – especially when on highly themed commercial playground equipment. nature play products. is a beautiful addition to any park, school, or other community, providing a creative spot for children to have a blast.


    For a family-friendly play area everyone can enjoy, benches offer a restful spot to relax or take a break from the action. At Zoom Recreation, we have many bench options available to best align with your goals.
    • 4 feet
    • 6 feet
    • 8 feet
    • Perforated
    • Expanded
    • Straight (Classic)

    Picnic Tables

    No recreational area is complete without a picnic area. Zoom Recreation has varying styles of picnic tables that make for a great addition to any park, school, church, neighborhood, and more. Like with our other products, we have ADA-accessible picnic table options available.
    • Square
    • Rectangle
    • Circle
    • Portable
    • Web
    • Pedestal

    Trash receptacles

    Keep your play area clean and tidy by adding trash receptacles. We offer different sizes and style options to best match your play area, including recycling receptacles.
    Trash Receptacles as far as models go would be:

    Bike Racks

    With bike racks, your play area will be more accessible to a wider audience, making for a safer environment. Our dependable bike rack designs help your visitors enjoy their time worry-free while their bike is secure. With multiple capacity options, we have your bike rack solution.

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