Daycare Director Tips for the Ultimate Playground

Choosing Playground Equipment for Daycares

There’s a lot to manage as a daycare director. Between taking care of day-to-day operations, planning, and all the miscellaneous rigmarole that goes into your work, it’s nice to get some support! That’s exactly what the ultimate playground can provide—we know, it might sound silly, but hear us out. A playground is a great place for little ones to burn energy, learn, and interact socially. The better the playground is, the better these experiences will be. Daycare playground equipment can make for great outcomes in children; let’s get into how!

What to Consider When Planning a Playground for Your Daycare

More Than Just Equipment: Developmental Opportunities

Sure, there’s nothing that beats the feeling of going down a slide—we don’t want to take that away, but did you know playground equipment for daycares is designed with developmental opportunities in mind? It’s true! These designs include elements that encourage physical, sensory, dramatic, and musical developmental play. Not only is this a great way for kids to pass time, but it’s also constructive in laying the groundwork for young students, extending your daycare’s mission out to the playground.

The Little Details

While it may be fun to blue sky the perfect playground for your daycare, some of the more important factors to consider are the little details. Here are a few elements not to forget!


        • Artificial Turf
        • Loose-Fill Rubber Mulch
        • Play Turf
        • Pour-in-Place Rubber
        • Shredded Bonded Rubber
        • Wood Mulch

Of course, with the little ones, you want all aspects of the playground to be as safe as possible. While this list has all good surfacing options, play turf and pour-in-place rubber are some of the more popular options for daycares. That said, we can recommend the best surfacing options for your unique daycare.

Shade Structures

One of the best parts about living in Southern California is enjoying the sun, but with the good comes the bad. As we all know, the sun emits UV rays that are especially harmful when exposed to them for long periods of time.

There are two points to keep in mind when considering this:

        1. Shade structures will keep students out of the sun, protecting their skin and adding an element to prevent heat exhaustion.
        2. Shade structures will help protect your equipment from the sun, helping it to last longer and stay bright and attractive.

Site Furnishings

You may want to consider adding site furnishings such as benches, tables, and trash receptacles. This will make the playground more enjoyable and practical for long-term use.

Expand Your Imagination: Theming

When we see kids running around a playground, it’s cute and heartwarming. But what they see is a whole other world: They could be a pirate sailing the seven seas or a monkey running around a vast jungle. We might not always notice it, but playgrounds are a great opportunity for kids to get incredibly creative, so why not spark that imagination? Nature play equipment and dramatic play equipment are great ways to add theming to a daycare playground. These offer great interactive qualities that inspire cognitive development.

Taking the Classroom Outside

While daycares don’t normally have traditional classroom setups per se, there are areas for constructive activities and crafts. Well, daycare playground equipment isn’t just slides and other play elements—you can incorporate a classroom area for a complete outdoor experience. This is a perfect opportunity to invest in young children while also enjoying the beautiful Southern California weather. Of course, through the pandemic, we’ve learned that outdoor environments are safer for air circulation—this is perfect for equipping your daycare with a practical area for social distancing.

Fun for All Daycare Ages

There are playground options that are age-appropriate starting as low as 6 months old. With equipment for two different age groups (6–23 months and 2–5 years), your daycare’s playground can be well-rounded. Age-appropriate equipment not only accommodates younger children, but it also provides a safe place to play, encouraging age-appropriate development opportunities.

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