How Commercial Playgrounds Can Benefit Schools

In school, children spend most of their time in separate classrooms with different teachers, but what is one place where they can all socialize and meet? The playground. According to a 2018 Voice of Play survey, 500 U.S. elementary school teachers agreed that recess is important for children. When schools have commercial playgrounds, they provide a way for students to develop physical, mentally, emotionally, and socially.

Life Lessons and Inclusion

commercial school playground
Children Playing on Retro Rocker

Commercial playgrounds allow kids from different backgrounds, ages, and personalities to play together. A playground is a safe space where children can express themselves through playing with one another. Providing play environments break down physical and social barriers and encourage kids to build meaningful friendships. Also, various play equipment teach children skills that they will use for life. With spring riders like our 2-seat Retro Rocker, kids learn how to cooperate with each other. Children quickly learn that they need to put in equal amounts of effort in order to have fun. Additionally, children learn about give-and-take since they won’t achieve what they want without a little give. On playground slides, young students learn how to be patient and take turns since only one can slide down at a time. On more challenging and difficult play equipment like climbers, kids learn about empathy and helping one another. Successfully climbing across a set of monkey bars improves self-confidence.

Here at Zoom Recreation, we want all children to have the chance to play and have fun. That’s why most of our playgrounds are ADA accessible with ADA transfer stations. We also offer inclusive swing seats for children with disabilities to experience the joy of swinging.

Academic Performance and Behavior Improvement

play equipment for schools
Kids Helping Each Other On Tri-Rung Ladder Climber

Commercial school playgrounds contribute to students’ academic performance with play equipment that challenge their minds. Tic-tac-toe panels and other activity panels engage children’s critical thinking skills. For troublesome students, a playground can help decrease behavior-related problems. According to the survey, two out of three teachers use school playground time as a reward to motivate students. Similarly, playing time can be lessened or even taken away as punishment for bad behavior. In return, teachers reported seeing positive changes in overall student behavior. As much as 97 percent of teachers agreed that recess improved kids’ conduct inside the classroom. Commercial playgrounds can also benefit teachers. As students are playing, teachers can take a break to recharge and collect their thoughts. On the other hand, students get a break from academics through unstructured free play. Therefore, playgrounds help to create a more positive and productive classroom for both teachers and students.

Commercial Playgrounds and Physical Development

net climber structure
Girl Climbs on Net Climber

While kids can run around on an open field, a commercial playground offers a different physical challenge with net climbers that strengthen arms and torsos. Our other play equipment such as the Lily Pad Walk puts a child’s balance to the test as he or she carefully walks across the steps. Swings encourage a pendulum-like movement that engages the core muscles and legs. Kids will be entertained and stay active for longer periods of times with colorful school playgrounds as opposed to simply playing on the grass.

To learn more about how playgrounds can benefit schools, check out our online School Guide that shows case studies from several educational facilities!

Ready for a New Playground?

Kids deserve the opportunity to be kids and play more whether they are at a recreational park or at school. Whether it is your first time incorporating a commercial playground to your school or remodeling your play area, we are here to help! Call us today at 866-234-3392 or fill out a contact form to get started on designing the perfect school playground for your students! For ideas and inspiration, follow us on Facebook and Instagram!