How to Style Your Amenities Space with Outdoor Site Furnishings

After you have chosen your playground and shade structures, it’s time to consider outdoor site furnishings! Commercial site amenities offer more than just a convenient spot to relax and take a break. Metal benches and picnic tables provide a space where guests can socialize and where parents can comfortably supervise their children climbing on the playground. By improving your park with outdoor site amenities, you’ll help to create a better park and a better community. Check out the top 5 outdoor site furnishings we recommend for a complete recreational space.


commercial site furnishings
These outdoor benches are installed to face the playground!

Most often, a playground area includes one or two benches. With benches as long as 8 feet, you can design a space with one main bench or easily incorporate multiple benches on different sides of the play area. For the most optimal positioning, they should face the playground structure. This would allow parents and families to easily supervise their children, and for children to easily access a resting spot. Choose from our benches with armrests to provide additional support for elderly park patrons! If you’re considering adding an outdoor fitness area to your park, then having a commercial bench would be a great addition as well. Versatile and useful, benches will encourage visitors to stay longer or even come back to their new favorite park.

Picnic Tables

outdoor picnic table
Picnic tables provide the perfect gathering space!

The second important outdoor site furnishing is a picnic table. As opposed to benches, outdoor tables do not need to be as close to a playground. A picnic table can be placed under a shade or steel shelter, offering shaded seating for guests. Our commercial outdoor metal tables are also available in ADA accessible versions. For a larger community park, you can group picnic tables together to provide ample seating for large parties and gatherings. For an educational facility, tables could be placed under trees or next to buildings for students to enjoy the outdoors as they study.

Trash and Recycle Receptacles

commercial trash receptacle
Trash receptacles can help keep your park or community clean.

For a large open space such as a recreational park, it is important to provide enough trash and recycle receptacles in order to keep the park clean. Practical locations for trash and recycle receptacles would be next to picnic tables, benches, or even along a walkway. Another important factor is visibility. Children and adults should be able to locate a trash can easily in order to properly dispose of snack wrappers, water bottles, and other trash. There is also no limit to how many trash receptacles you can have in your park or apartment community. With so many options and styles to choose from, we’ll help you choose the right trash receptacle to fit your space!

Bike Racks

As more and more people strive to be eco-friendly and ride bicycles, it is necessary for a park to include bike racks. In addition, if you have an apartment complex in a bike-friendly neighborhood, then having bicycle racks would be a great feature next to entrances or parking lots. Your residents and visitors will appreciate being able to securely park and lock their bikes. For a recreational space with high bike traffic, we offer bike racks that can store up to 12 bicycles!

Hand Sanitizing Stations

Now more than ever, hand sanitizing stations are important to ensuring a safe and healthy community. Designed with durable 20-gauge aluminum locking enclosures, our hand sanitizing stations are effective and affordable. Our commercial hand sanitizing stands are available with a pump or a lever. We even offer touchless, automatic systems! Parents and families will have the peace of mind knowing that their children have access to hand sanitizer.

We’ve Got Your Outdoor Site Furnishings Needs Covered

Here at Zoom Recreation, we aim to make your park or community an inviting space where families and friends can gather. We offer high-quality, attractive outdoor site furnishings for everyone to enjoy in addition to providing fun playground equipment for kids. Give us a call today at 866-234-3392 or fill out a contact form to get started on your next project! Our professional team will work with you to create a space you and your guests will love. Check us out on Facebook and Instagram for our daily posts!