Mast Nets: Climb to the Sky

Encourage imagination and inspire active play with our Mast Nets! While climbing, kids can be superheroes, mountain climbers, or spaceship crews. The most unique feature on our Mast Nets is the soaring height, motivating kids to test their strength and climb upwards to the top. Therefore, these net climbers offer a different challenge than the long, wide Rope Courses or the spinning Rotating Climbers. Check out our product options below! The sky is really the limit!

The Genesis Series

Net Climber
Kids Playing on Mast Net Climber

This popular version of our Mast Nets features a pyramid-style climbing structure. The Genesis offers a single directional climb using our strong, durable rope cables. Additionally, kids have the option to start anywhere from the center or the four corners of the Mast Net! Our smallest Genesis, the Genesis Mini, offers a capacity of 27 children with a height of 10 ft. The Genesis Mini is perfect for smaller spaces in schools and ideal for introducing children to climbing play equipment.

For a medium-sized option, we offer a range of Mast Nets that are as tall as 12, 14, and 18 feet and can support 36, 42, and 62 kids. Our largest Genesis Mast Net, the Genesis XXXL, has an impressive height of 49 ft. A maximum capacity of as many as 250 kids, the climber is the largest Mast Net in the world! With such an extreme structure, our Mast Nets are designed for kids ages 5 to 12 years old. Also, the Genesis Mast Nets are a great way to sharpen coordination as kids are required to use both their hands and feet.

Multi-Towers Mast Nets

Multi-tower net climber
Children Playing on Multi-Tower Mast Net

Our partners at Dynamo Playgrounds didn’t stop at one, singular Mast Net. Instead, Dynamo Playgrounds went above and beyond to design multi-tower Mast Nets. These net climbers offer multiple climbing net towers that have a connection point. Therefore, children can climb from one tower to the other! Choose from the Two Towers climber that has double towers, the Trident climber that has triple towers, or the Fourtress climber that has quadruple towers! The Two Towers climbers range from a capacity of 93 to 191 kids! Next, the triple-tower Trident varies from 87, 113, and 142 maximum capacity. Lastly, for the massive Fourtress Mast Net, our largest version can hold up to 220 kids. To add more fun, we also offer Mast Nets such as the Courtyard Large or the Spider climber that incorporates a jumping pad in the center.

Tot Nets

Tot Net
Picture of Igloo Net Climber

For your little ones, we offer the Igloo Climber Series! Perfect for children ages 2-5, our Igloo climbers include net tunnels that they can climb. Connected to a playground slide, these structures are a great way to introduce younger ones to rope and net climbing. Additionally, the Igloo series provides a diverse playing experience since it combines traditional play equipment with modern rope play!

Our Mast Nets encourage kids to climb and stretch their arms and legs. This article highlights the importance and the positive impact of climbing play on children, stating that climbing helps kids develop upper body strength and grip.

Interested in Getting a Mast Net For Your Play Space?

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