Nature Play: Creating Inspiring Play Spaces for Kids

Here at Zoom Recreation, we want to inspire children to be as creative and imaginative as possible. That’s why we offer play equipment that uses the beauty of nature such as tree logs and large boulders. Our nature play items offer special experiences for kids especially those who live in urban cities without access to nature. In return, kids will create a connection to nature and learn to appreciate the Earth and be happier. Constructed from structural foam with a duo-layer concrete shell, these play structures are strong, long-lasting, and most importantly safe. Unlike actual trees that have sharp edges and insects, our Nature Play equipment have smooth edges and are pest-free! Check out some of the nature play products below to start designing your nature space!

Tree-Inspired Nature Play

Nature Play
Smith Vine with Tree Stumps

Give kids the excitement of playing on trees with our tree-inspired play pieces! For tree steps, we offer the Log Steps which feature a gradual incline and the Staggered Stumps which alternate in height. There is also the freedom to choose from varying sizes of individual stumps and stones for a simple way to incorporate nature components in your playground. For tree logs, we offer a Log Balance Course for kids to test their balance and imagine that they are explorers crossing a creek. For a more interactive play experience, consider our Nature Vines that mimic the roots and vines of a tree that kids can crawl under, jump over, or climb on!


Rope and Nature Play

rope and rock play
Canyon Traverse Rope and Nature Play

Our featured products combine the fun of rope climbing and nature play into a single structure! Choose from smaller structures like the Cobweb Hollow, Charlotte’s Web, or Rope Web Climber that incorporates netting in a web design. These structures offer a more natural look to our net climbers at a similar size but smaller capacity of 8 or 12 kids. Alternatively, pick from larger structures like the Canyon Traverse, the Mesa Verde, or the Spanish Peaks structure that comprise of two rock formations connected by rope netting. Kids will love climbing on the rocks and traversing on a rope climber! Compared to our tree-inspired equipment, the rope nature play features a taller height and thus, they are recommended for kids ages 5-12.

Rock Arches

commercial playground equipment
Boy Climbing Sentinel Peak

Modeled after majestic mountains, our rock arches and formations easily serve as a statement piece, adding wonder and decorative appeal! Some of our rock arch structures include the Sentinel Peak, Maple Mountain, and Moab Arch. Shown on the right, the Sentinel Peak features a height of about 6′. Kids can experience mountain climbing from the comfort of their favorite park. Also, they can feel like they’ve been teleported to the forests and great national parks! Our rock arches are available in heights of 5 feet to 8 feet tall. Similarly, we offer traditional boulders such as the Nevada Desert Boulder or the Pinnacle Boulder. For a unique rock play piece, choose our custom Rock Slide that merges a playground slide into a rock formation!

Realistic Animals and Dinosaur Fossils

realistic nature play
Discovering Realistic Fossils

Perfect for any themed recreational parks or playgrounds, our animal sculptures are unique and encourage a love and curiosity for wildlife! Children can learn about various animals from the Whale, Painted Turtle, Crocodile structures and more. Watch as kids light up with excitement from reading about animals in books to seeing realistic, physical statues of animals that they can climb and play on. Also, our nature play series includes realistic dinosaur fossils for your little future paleontologists! Kids will have the chance to connect what they’ve learned in science class through our fossil play pieces like the Skull, the Vertebrae, or the Hips and Legs Bones.

Product Details and Safety

Our nature play products such as our Rock Formations include interior structural foam that contain Class A rated fire retardant. In addition to being fire resistant, our nature play equipment is also water resistant. Made of 10% recycled materials, the structural foam design prevents bacteria and fungus build-up. The exterior 2-layer Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete shell includes bendable, adhesive, and tensile properties, allowing for all types of play. Additionally, the nature play pieces are colored with playground safe, siliconized acrylic concrete stain that is waterproof, ensuring that the structures will look great for years of play! Also, all of our nature play structures are compliant with ASTM standards, meaning kids can play freely and safely.

Want to Get Started?

Looking for a unique playground space that encourages kids to think deeper? Zoom Recreation is here to help! With our experienced team of professionals, we’ll help you choose play equipment that works with your space and fulfills your visions! As a turnkey operation, we’ll handle everything from the design stage to installation to playground surfacing. Just give us a call at 866-234-3392 or fill out a contact form! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for your daily dose of playground ideas!