Now is the Time to Invest in Your Playground, And Here is Why

Caring for Play Areas in 2020

Due to COVID-19, parks in 2020 have of course looked different than in years past: Parkgoers are far and few between due to social distancing and shelter-in-place guidelines, and amenities are temporarily unavailable for health and safety concerns. We all want to get back out there and play under the California sun, but until then, this is a great time for some much-needed playground equipment attention and maintenance. The economic injury caused by 2020’s pandemic has caused many budget cuts and interruptions to planned projects, but now is the opportune time to make improvements for your park’s play area.

Once the CDC and California state officials announce that playground play is safe again, well-maintained play areas with new additions will be must-visit places for families. Hit the ground running once the pandemic clears by persuing playground equipment maintenance or installation during this unexpected offseason.

Reasons 2020 is the Time to Invest in Your Playground Equipment

Safely Finish Construction and Maintenance ProjectsPlayground Equipment California_Maintenance

When parks are open, installation and maintenance projects cause downtime, interrupting parkgoers’ day out. While parks are closed or offering limited amenities, the silver lining is that now is the perfect opportunity to invest in installation and maintenance projects. By choosing this time to work on improving, upgrading, or expanding your play area, you are choosing a time that doesn’t inconvenience families, keeping your parkgoers happy and your playground equipment accessible when the park is open once again. Also, with fewer kids and families around, this is a safer time to move forward with lofty projects with active construction areas during non-operating hours. Since parks have reduced capacity at the moment, this is also a chance to work in expanded, more accessible construction areas, which may help the process move along quicker.

Have Your Best Foot Forward When Communities Reopen

Picture this—the CDC and government officials say that recreational playground use is safe again. Families that have been in quarantine for months finally get the opportunity to enjoy a day at the park, only to find a weather-worn play area in need of TLC. Don’t neglect your playground equipment—rather, give families and your community a beautiful and fun playground to visit after the pandemic. There may be a surge of parkgoers once health and safety officials give the all-clear, so why not have your best foot forward when that happens? Capture the loyalty of parkgoers and boost your reputation by sprucing up your play area before reopening.

Be a Bright Spot in the Community

This pandemic has unfortunately impacted our communities in many ways, especially for our economy. Companies may have made the hard decision to cut back services and offerings. For families, some favorite go-to small businesses may be entertainment centers or other places to visit to make memories. While small businesses may come and go, there’s one thing that will always be there for us: playgrounds. Whether in a neighborhood, at a school, at a church, or somewhere else, your beautiful, improved playground equipment can make such an impact by providing the community with a safe and enjoyable place to enjoy a day under the California sun.

Upgrade with Zoom Recreation

Playground Equipment Specialists You Can Trust

Do you have ideas to upgrade or expand your play area? We can help! From planning stages to the install process, Zoom Recreation is a California based playground equipment provider passionate about bettering our communities through quality products and providing places where lifelong memories can be made. Our knowledgable and dedicated team is ready to guide you through the process of equipping your park, school, church, neighborhood, and more with playground equipment that matches your needs, vision, and budget.

Dan’s customer service was exceptional. He went above and beyond to customize the playground equipment as well as assist with the playground area design to provide an optimal play experience for our students.

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