Is It Safe to Use Outdoor Fitness Equipment During COVID-19?

Why Outdoor Fitness Equipment is a Great Investment

No one a year ago could have predicted what has happened in 2020, but we as a community and society have learned so much about keeping each other safe and healthy during this pandemic. While many of us have spent much of spring and summer at home more than we’re used to, our workout habits may have slipped—mainly because gyms have not been accessible for the better part of this year. While the CDC does not recommend close contact, especially indoors, there is a way to stay fit and healthy during these unique times. Outdoor fitness is a great solution for the fitness needs of adults, and outdoor fitness equipment can be one of the best investments your community or park makes this year.

It’s better to exercise outdoors than indoors because you’re not in an enclosed space and there’s less worry about wiping down surfaces and equipment.

Benefits of Outdoor Fitness Equipment in 2020

Promotes Social Distancing

Fitness Equipment

As we all know, the CDC recommends practicing physical distancing to reduce the spread of COVID-19. While this may be difficult for standard gyms to achieve, it can be relatively easy for users of outdoor fitness areas to maintain a safe distance from other parties, of course offering great natural air circulation in a widespread environment. Outdoor fitness areas are great for individual workouts or for organized adult fitness classes that cautiously follow CDC guidelines.

COVID-19 and Exercising

This pandemic has truly been a stressful time for many. Between illness, layoffs, budget cuts, and major plan adjustments, it’s natural to feel stressed during a time like this. Physical activity is widely known to reduce stress. As you know, the benefits of exercising go far beyond mental health—it’s a habit that can drastically improve physical health, reducing the risk of chronic disease and illnesses.

The CDC and public health officials have not released a link between COVID-19 and exercising, but it’s important to maintain and improve your health during a stressful and demanding time such as this pandemic. As community leaders and planners, this is a great opportunity to improve community health, making it more accessible by investing in outdoor fitness equipment.

A Healthier Community

Zoom Recreation exists because we love supplying neighborhoods and parks with the equipment that brings people together, making for a nicer community. By expanding your recreation area with outdoor fitness equipment, not only will it give purpose to an area, but this will provide a way for your community to stay fit and healthy. By prioritizing the wellbeing of your community, you’re promoting health while also making the area safer; more people using the amenities means more people out and about—thus making for a safer community.

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