Picking the Right Steel Shelter for Your Park

When it comes to choosing commercial steel shelters or any shade covering, there are several factors to consider. In order to pick the right one that provides the most coverage at an affordable cost, here is a checklist when you are planning for a steel shelter.

Measuring the Space

steel shelter
Our steel shelters provide perfect coverage for picnic tables!

To provide adequate shade, it is important to measure the space you want to cover. For a regular sized picnic table, we recommend our standard 12’x12′ steel shelter. The space you want to cover could also depend on the size of the community or school. If your park welcomes a large amount of families and guests, it is ideal to offer a larger shelter to accommodate everyone. Our steel shelters can also be customized to fit your spacing requirements.


Choosing the Type of Shelter

commercial shelter
This square shelter features a duo-top system!

Once you have the site measurements, you can select the type of the shelter. Below are the types of steel shelters we offer:

  • Square
  • Gable End
  • Hip End
  • Hexagon
  • Octagon
  • Monoslope
  • Mini Shelters and Kiosks
  • Cantilever Trellis

Choosing a shelter depends on your vision and goal. If you prefer the minimalist look of clean lines and sharp corners, then you should consider our square or hip end shelter. The design of a shelter can compliment a natural setting or serve as a focal point.

Engineered Sealed Drawings

Since a steel shelter is a pre-engineered permanent structure, you need to obtain a building permit. In California, the building code department typically requires engineered drawings for the shelter being installed. According to the California Business and Professions Code Section 6735, these drawings would need to be sealed by a certified engineer, meaning that they have reviewed the building plans of the shelter. On the other hand, unofficial drawings that will include words such as “preliminary only” and “not for construction” are offered to provide general specifics of the shelter.

Additional Features and Accessories

commercial shelters
This shelter includes an optional cupola at the top!

To customize your shelter, we offer several design options. Our standard shelters feature a single top, but you can also choose to have a duo-top. Another optional add-on is a cupola, shown on the right. The cupola will match the color of the shelter roof. Other features and accessories include:

  • Electrical access and cutouts
  • Ornamental Lattice & Guardrails with a variety of styles
  • Square Columns or Round Columns
  • Base Shoe Covers to hide any external bolts

Look No Further than Zoom Recreation

Based on your needs and vision, we’ll find the right shelter solution for you. Along with professional installation, we’ll help you with obtaining engineered sealed drawings to meet building codes. Here at Zoom Recreation, we are dedicated to providing complete amenities spaces for recreational parks, housing developments, and local communities like churches and preschools. We also offer commercial playgrounds, shade structures, and site furnishings! Get in touch by filling out a contact form or call us today at 866-234-3392. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for project inspirations!