Practicing Playground Health Safety in Wake of COVID-19

Playground Equipment Safety After the Pandemic

As we’re all aware, COVID-19 has changed the way we live life. We have seen California parks and recreation areas suspend their amenities due to safety concerns. Many of us have been quarantining to flatten the bell curve. Many states have been adjusting their shelter-in-place guidelines, allowing for modified operations that adhere to the CDC’s recommendations in an effort to prioritize health and safety. How will playground equipment fit into the reopening plan for California?

Per, California is currently in Stage 2 of reopening the state; that said, there will be a point when kids can get back out there and enjoy the thrill and sensation of being on a swing again. Of course, when that happens, safety will be the top priority. How should we play on playground equipment in the wake of COVID-19? Let’s take a look.

Encouraging Safe Play: Safety on the Playground

The listed tips are only recommended once stay-at-home guidelines are lifted and government officials have stated that playground recreation is safe.

Social Distancingplayground equipment California social distancing

The CDC recommends that you maintain a six-foot distance between you and other parties. This means that children on playgrounds should avoid close contact with each other if they play together. That said, the CDC recommends not visiting crowded locations for the time being. Plan your day accordingly to not visit during peak times, which are generally around late morning and the afternoon.

Good Hygiene

Through this pandemic, we’ve been encouraged to wash our hands regularly in addition to other preventative measures such as wearing a mask. Practice good hygiene when playing on playgrounds, especially if your children will be eating after playing. Of course utilize hand sanitizer and washing your hands, but also consider other factors such as playing with toys that have been left behind.

Visit Local Parks

Traveling long distances is not currently recommended by the CDC. Should you choose to visit a park once stay-at-home guidelines are lifted, allow for safer play by visiting parks close to your home rather than traveling a long distance.

The Importance of Playgrounds

Currently, playground play is not recommended by the CDC. This is because playgrounds are a shared surface that aren’t often sanitized. Kids are prone to touch their faces, which is an issue if the equipment is contaminated with COVID-19. Pay attention to California’s recommendations on when using playground equipment is safe.

Once it’s safe again, playground play should be encouraged. Playground equipment helps kids to stay in shape, develop muscle memory, and learn valuable lessons in the connections they make while playing.

Have Your Playground in Place When Play Resumes

Let Zoom Recreation Help You

Once playground activities are safe again, parks could be among the more popular recreation spots. As parks and recreational areas, this quarantine time is a great opportunity to make an addition or upgrade without interrupting play or operations.

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