Recycled Plastic Playgrounds

Since when is sustainability fun?!

Our Recycled Playground series are an ideal option for Natural Playground spaces and Coastal Environments. The decks, posts and barriers utilize 100% recycled material.

These playgrounds are strong

We ensure our recycled posts are reinforced for even greater strength by adding additional fiberglass elements to each post. Our posts are vandal resistant and protected from rotting, splitting, cracking or splinters for a minimum of 50 years. Additionally, the posts have minimal fading and are resistant to termites, marine borers, salt spray, oil and fungus.

Recycled Plastic Playgrounds 

In search of a playground with a natural look and eco-friendly credentials? Our commercial recycled playgrounds might be just what you need. 

The decks, posts, and barriers of our recycled play equipment are crafted from 100 percent post-consumer plastic, derived from products like milk jugs. These components are further reinforced with fiberglass for added strength, ensuring they resist wear and tear, unlike traditional wooden playgrounds. They offer the appearance and feel of wood but without the hassle of ongoing maintenance.

These recycled playgrounds are built to withstand corrosion, rot, and cracking, and are resistant to salt spray, termites, oil, and fungus. You can choose from three different colors for the decks and posts: cedar, dark brown, and gray. We provide recycled play structures for children of all ages, with or without specific themes, and inclusive options with accessible ramps. 

Explore our eco-friendly playgrounds, contact us to design a custom recycled play structure that suits your needs.

Unique Features 

Eco-Friendly Materials:  Recycled playgrounds are constructed from post-consumer recycled plastic products, promoting sustainability and reducing plastic waste.

Durability: These playgrounds are designed to withstand the elements and heavy use, offering long-lasting performance. They are highly resistant to corrosion, rot, and cracking.

Low Maintenance: Recycled playgrounds require minimal upkeep compared to traditional wood structures, eliminating the need for frequent painting or staining.

Strength: Components are reinforced with fiberglass elements, providing exceptional strength and preventing deterioration common in traditional wood playgrounds.

Customization: Recycled playgrounds come in various designs, with or without specific themes, and can be customized to accommodate different age groups and accessibility requirements.


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Need a Custom solution?

Custom Planning, Design, & Certified Professional Installations

Our team of certified professionals works to comply with ASTM and CPSC standards to produce enjoyable recreation spaces that meet safety regulations. From the planning stages to installation, we are certified to work on every aspect of your project—ensuring that it’s efficient and customized to your needs. Our turn-key process is streamlined so we can handle the equipment design, play surfacing and construction all under one roof.

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Zoom Cares About Safety & Inspection

DIR Registered Public Works Contractor (DIR #1000655676) ✓
CA Licensed and Bonded Contractor (LIC #1067651) ✓
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Safety first is second nature with Zoom.

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Our Quick Ship Playground Program

Choose from our selected play structures for ages 2-5, 5-12, and 2-12 years old. You can have your dream playground shipped to you in 5 days!

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We believe in only providing high-quality equipment to our customers—that’s why we partner with Superior Recreational Products. Offering their full suite of products gives our customers quality options. As a PlayCore company, Superior Recreational Products is an industry leader in traditional and themed play equipment.

IPEMA-Certified - Playground Climbers

Exemplifying our high quality standards, all of our commercial playground equipment is IPEMA-certified. This means that our equipment is manufactured to the industry's highest standard. IPEMA-certification is given only to manufacturers that pass strict testing on both the materials and processes. Visit or contact us for more information.

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Safety Always Comes First with Zoom

DIR Registered Public Works Contractor
(DIR #1000655676)
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(LIC #1067651)
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Zoom Recreation strives to create efficient recreational spaces and provide exceptional customer service. Superior awarded us their highest President's Award and Gold Club Awards two years in a row.

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