Rotating Climbers: The Latest Play Innovation

Take your playground to the next level with our Rotating Net Climbers from Dynamo Playgrounds. Kids won’t have to split their play time between a spinner and a net climber. With our Rotating Climbers, children will have the best of both worlds! They can climb along the net climber and spin around with their friends. Check out the rotating climbers that we offer from Dynamo Playgrounds!

Apollo Series from Dynamo Playgrounds

Dynamo Playgrounds Climber
Kids Having Fun on Apollo Rotating Climber

This rotating climber series features an internal, support post made of steel that kids can hold onto while they’re spinning. For kids who want to sit in the climber, there is a sturdy steel deck dipped in PVC coating. On the right, the 20 mm diameter nylon ropes are connected to the top of the post and all around the circular decking. Manufactured with the same¬†rope cables as our Dynamo Playgrounds net climbers, these rotating climbers are durable and long-lasting for generations to come. The Apollo series is available in a mini, mid-sized, and regular version ranging from a capacity of 15, 25, and 35 kids. With these 3 sizes, you can choose one that fits your space and your needs. Additionally, our rotating net climbers are ADA accessible with an opening in the nets for a child in a wheelchair to easily transfer onto the rotating deck.

Large Quad Pods

Super Quad Pod Spinner
Children Spinning on Large Quad Pod

This unique climber goes beyond the unimaginable to incorporate spinning pods inside a rotating climber structure. Thus, the Large Quad Pod from Dynamo Playgrounds features double the spinning action. This structure offers a unique experience for kids ages 5-12 years old. This version holds up to 90 kids at a time while a similar, smaller version can hold up to 60 kids. Therefore, this unique play equipment will maximize the play space without limiting the fun! This rotating climber helps kids with their physical and cognitive development. Also, children improve their social skills as they play with their friends or even make new friends. Bring the community together with our Large Quad Pods!

Safety, Maintenance, and Engagement

Apollo Climber
Kids Running Around and Playing Excitedly on Apollo Climber

All of the rotating net climbers we offer are designed with safety in mind. That’s why the bearing system of the structure will control the spinning speed and will not allow for the speed to exceed safety standards. Additionally, the rotating system of our climbers are maintenance-free with self-lubricating nylon, integrated into the central post. As kids spin the rotating climber, the structure will maintain itself, allowing for a worry-free and fun play experience. Finally, our rotating climbers offer a different level of engagement and ensures that children will not be under-stimulated and bored. In this Washington Post article, Angela Hanscom, a pediatric occupational therapist, shares the importance of more exciting and challenging play equipment.

Interested in Our Rotating Climbers?

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