Shade Protection in Winter? Absolutely!

Finding Relief in the Shade Even in the Cooler Months

Winter brings some of the year’s best moments—from the holiday season to the excitement that follows the new year. While most of the country is bundled up and preparing for harsh weather this time of year, people in Southern California get to experience beautiful spring-like temperatures that are just begging us to spend the day outside. Even though the calendar says its winter, we still need to be cognizant that we need to limit our exposure to direct sunlight. This will be no problem at all if you have a nice shade structure for your community!

What Shade Structures Offer

loose fill rubber mulch surfacing, Playground structure with shade structure and loose fill rubber mulch surfacing.

Commercial shade structures can enhance any corner of a community—covering picnic areas, play areas, dog parks, outdoor fitness equipment, and more. While obviously adding functionality and making an area more enjoyable for everyone, shade structures add an element of appeal to any area. Providing a pop of color and a nice sharp look, a commercial-grade shade structure will help spruce up an outdoor area, making it more attractive to anyone visiting.

Who Shade Structures Benefit

Since shade structures can be utilized in so many ways, they can positively impact a variety of people. Shade structures are generally used for helping parkgoers stay comfortable during a day under the sun, but they’re beneficial in keeping many people safe as well. Staying in the shade is a safe way for people to enjoy the day, such as senior citizens who might be susceptible to skin-related conditions and young children who should be limited to direct sun exposure. Keeping an area cool, shade structures also help minimize the chance of heat exhaustion for anyone working out in the area.

Why is Skin Safety Important Even in the Winter?Hanging Cantilever Parking Shade

Many sources cite that sun damage is among the leading causes of premature aging, just as much as stress would. The sun can be just as harsh in the winter, so experts advise that you avoid direct sunlight during the peak hours of the day whenever possible. Sun damage can cause blotchiness and can even lead to conditions that would require medical attention. As advised by the Los Angeles Times, sunscreen is important during the winter months, but the team at Zoom Recreation is ready to help your community by providing relief from the sun with quality and stylish shade structures.

Improve Your Community with Shade Structures

Zoom Recreation is Ready to Help

At Zoom Recreation, we’re passionate about bettering the communities in our area by offering great products with professional installation—our mission is to serve you with quality. We have years of experience helping people fulfill their vision for a community, making that vision become reality. Helping you from the consulting process to the installation process, we’re a turnkey shade structure and play area provider right here in Southern California.

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