The Different Types of Commercial Shade Structures

There are many different types of commercial shade structures to choose from to furnish your space, how do you pick the right one? From hanging cantilever shades to triangular sail shades, we will go in depth on the ideal settings for each kind.

Rectangular Hip Shades:

A rectangular hip shade structure is one of the most popular shade structures on the market. It provides ample amounts of shade and can be used for a variety of things. If you are looking to cover your playground structure completely, we recommend looking into this shade and going with a high entry height. These shades are also a great way to provide a pavilion-type shade environment at a much lower cost. You can slide a few picnic tables under the structure and provide a great picnic space for your residents.

When it comes to the cost per sq foot of shade coverage, its hard to beat this shade structure.

Commercial Shade Structure
A perfect way to provide a shade over picnic tables and benches!

Cantilever Commercial Shade Structures:

The hanging cantilever shade provides a unique coverage, perfect for pools and parking lots. If you are unsure exactly what this shade looks like, see the picture below:

Commercial cantilever shade structure
These shades are great for providing pool patrons shade. They also work well for parking lot shade!

Instead of investing in new umbrellas every few years for your pool, consider investing in a cantilever shade, saving both time and money in the long run. These shades add a level of luxury to the pool as well, making for an all around great buy. These commercial shade structures also work great for parking lot areas, similar to the picture below:

Hanging Cantilever Parking Shade
These cantilever shades offer this apartment community’s residents ample shade for their vehicles!
Cantilever umbrella shade structure
Cantilever umbrella shades work well in tighter amenity spaces, and add a professional look to any corporate center.

Sail Shades:

Commercial sail shades, similar to hip shades, have quite a few different uses. These shades provide a unique modern aesthetic and have grown more in popularity recently. They immediately add not just shade, but beauty, to any amenity space. They work well in commercial office amenity spaces, restaurants, parks and other public spaces. We find these popular with museums, convention centers and zoos as well.

Sail shades come in a variety of triangular shapes. Sometimes customers will combine multiple triangular shades to create unique shapes. The possibilities are endless, giving for a creative freedom that no other shade can match.

When it comes to budget, these are going to typically be on the higher side of the budget scale. Consider a sail shade if you have budget to work with and are looking to obtain a modern, sharp image for your space.

Sail shade structures
These sail shades offer a luxury, modern look to this beachfront resort.

Custom Shades:

As the partner for Superior Recreational Products in Southern California, we are able to offer a wide variety of custom shade designs to our customers. If you have a specific vision for your space, or plans already set, let us know – we should be able to design it.

Superior has designed their fair share of unique commercial shade structures and is an invaluable resource for our clients. Get creative and let us help you build you vision. Below are a few different designs we hope to give you inspiration for your next project:

Halo shade structure
Reach out today to learn more about our custom shade capabilities!
commercial shade structures
We can even provide elephant sized shade!

Looking for other types of Commercial Shade Structures?

We sell rigid-top steel shelters too! Check out some of our steel shelters on our website here.We have a wide variety of steel shelters in both standard and custom sizes that we offer through Superior Recreation. We would be glad to assist you whether you’re looking for a pavilion, gazebo, pergola or other types of commercial shade structures!

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