Top Commercial Playground Equipment Choices for Your California Municipal Park

Planning the Perfect Park Playground

Municipal parks provide an unmatched opportunity for communities to come together and enjoy a fun-filled day. This is where strangers can become friends and kids can develop social and physical intangibles needed to navigate through life. From the standard jungle gym to themed experiences, the options for commercial playground equipment are now more diverse and exciting than ever before. For your California or West Coast park, below are the top five playground equipment staples every recreational area should feature.

5 Must-Haves for Your Recreational Area

1. Swings, Slides, and Sets

For generations, playgrounds at their core have had reoccurring essential elements: play structures, slides, and swingsets. They are the highlight of many trips to the playground, and any recreational area may feel lacking without them. Play structures, slides, and swingsets can be found in play areas around the world, making them among the most popular playground equipment choices. The feeling of weightlessness when soaring toward the air, exploring and navigating the jungle gym like it’s a labyrinth, and plunging down the spiraling tubes of a slide — although standard, these elements are far from dull. Additionally, they may be an obvious option for your municipal park, so let’s take a look at other considerations.

2. Inclusive Play Equipmentplayground equipment California

Everyone deserves the moments of excitement that can be experienced on the playground. ADA-accessible playground equipment is an excellent addition for any park, including ramps, harnesses, and other accessories that enable kids of all abilities to enjoy a day of fun. Additionally, accessible playground equipment will appeal to more families, making your California or West Coast park a popular place to play and relax in your community.

3. Net Climbers

While swing sets and other traditional elements are synonymous with playgrounds, the industry has new options that make every day an adventure. Specifically, net climbers take playgrounds to new heights by providing dynamic, safe, and exhilarating opportunities. Unquestionably, the possibilities are endless with many types available to create the perfect play area. Net climbers spark creativity, are built to last, and draw in eager crowds.

4. Amenitiesplayground equipment California

The best play areas are outfitted with amenities to complement the playground. Consider accessories such as shade amenities to keep the kids cool for all-day fun as well as furnishings like trash receptacles to encourage a clean area and benches for families to take in the sights and sounds of the playground. Site amenities and furnishings complete a play area, making it more enjoyable for every visitor.

5. Additional Recreational Equipment

There are many more playground options available that can benefit your park (and the Zoom team would love to talk with you about various solutions). Given that, we would like to share what else you can add to a recreational area to make it a blast for everyone. Yes, even Spot can make memories at your park! Dog park and outdoor fitness equipment options would pair very nicely with your play area. These options promote a healthy lifestyle while also giving everyone a chance to have a great time at the park, including our four-legged friends.

Why West Coast Communities Trust Zoom

Zoom Recreation is the West Coast’s preferred playground provider and installer. Our team will work closely with you to understand, plan, and create a recreational area that your community will love. We partner with reputable manufacturers for playground and recreational equipment that is safe and is built to last. Zoom Recreation has many equipment options available for all types of parks: weather-resistant, salt-resistant (for beachside areas), recycled plastic, and much more. Our team can advise on every aspect of your playground, including surfacing and other details.

We have years of experience and take a personal approach to every project. This is to make sure we meet and exceed all your goals. From concept to creation, Zoom Recreation has you covered!

Zoom is Ready to Helpplayground equipment California

Serving Southern California, including Los Angeles and San Diego, Zoom Recreation is a turnkey commercial playground equipment provider, assisting with your project from concept to creation. Our team will recommend the best products with consideration for your needs, budget, space, and other factors. To get started, give us a call at 866-234-3392 or get in touch with us by filling out our contact form.


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