Used Commercial Playground Equipment is Not a Bargain

The True Cost of Secondhand

When it comes to playground installation, one of the hardest things to come by is sufficient funding. Tight budgets usually cause parks to compromise the quality or scale of their new playground—unless they opt for used equipment. While buying secondhand works for getting household items at a great price, buying used playground equipment has its downsides. Focusing on the best longterm options for Los Angeles parks and communities, Zoom Recreation breaks down the downside of buying secondhand commercial playground equipment and what you should be aware of when making this decision.

What to Expect When Buying Secondhand

1. Little to No Warranties

One of the most important aspects to look into when making a large investment is the warranty. The initial price is one thing, but ongoing upkeep costs can add up fast, making a warranty a lifesaver in many cases. Warranties help save money for parks and communities while keeping their equipment in pristine condition for years to come. Unfortunately, it’s rare to find used playground equipment that includes a warranty. Reputable distributors such as Zoom Recreation provide warranties, ensuring that your equipment is free from defects and is in safe working conditions for many years—a lifetime in the case of some parts.

2. Missing Pieces

Anyone who buys used equipment has to be accepting of a few bumps and bruises, but in the case of playground equipment, those blemishes can be a safety concern. Throughout the years of that used equipment now for sale, there could have been countless broken pieces that were replaced here and there. Those repairs could’ve been made with third-party parts, which are not guaranteed to meet safety standards. This alone should be enough reason to not buy used equipment.

3. Lackluster Visual Appeal, Safety, and FunctionalityCommercial Playground Equipment Los Angeles_old vs new

While this might not be a dealbreaker from some, pre-owned playground equipment won’t have the same appeal as brand-new gear. Aside from the tolls years of memories made (scuffs, scratches, and sun fading), pre-owned playground equipment won’t bring the same wow-factor today’s structures have. Manufacturers today are designing and building playgrounds that are nothing less than stunningincluding features and safety standards (such as ADA-friendly equipment) that older models might not have.

4. Damage

When being disassembled on its former site, pre-owned commercial playground equipment can undergo stress that the equipment is not designed to endure. While construction crews will do everything in their power to disassemble the structure as tactfully and gently as possible, some procedures such as removing the structure from its foundation could cause harm to the equipment.

5. Unforeseen Issues

Between the previously mentioned missing pieces and damage, the assembly process for pre-owned playground equipment will have a sense of unpredictability. When assembling a structure directly from the manufacturer, the installation process goes smoothly, with no costly hang-ups unpredictably interrupting the process. The same, however, can’t be said for the assembly process for secondhand equipment. If you opt for a pre-owned playground, then prepare for the unexpected and potential extra costs during the assembly process.

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