What is Your Playground Equipment Teaching Children?

Benefits of Playground Equipment

Playgrounds are undeniably a great way for families, friends, and kids to spend time together. Regardless if you grew up in California or somewhere else, you probably have countless memories spent playing at the park. Those moments are so priceless, but playgrounds are a timeless way to burn off some energy because they offer so much more than just a day of fun. Playground equipment is designed to get the most out of kids, developing them physically, mentally, and socially. As playground equipment specialists in California, Zoom Recreation is here to explore the lessons kids learn all while having fun and running around play areas.

Playgrounds Help Kids Develop in These 3 Areas


We all know kids now spend more time indoors than ever before, enjoying their time on smart devices, streaming media, or playing video games. Playgrounds offer something incredibly fun for kids to do outside, and they’re also great for developing their physical and agile abilities. Whether a classic jungle gym or more contemporary designs such as net climbers, playgrounds are brimming with fun exercise opportunities. Monkey bars build upper body strength, running between equipment is great cardio, and other aspects of a playground help develop balance as well as full body training.


Can you remember the first time you conquered a tall slide? Building up the courage to hang from the monkey bars? Even though it felt like you were 100 feet off the ground, you still did it. Playground equipment plays a huge role in kids’ development as they overcome their fears and try new things. These opportunities are great self-esteem boosters and sometimes require critical thinking, improving the decision-making abilities of children. On that, play areas help children to develop fluency in originality and imagination, per a 2020 peer-reviewed study as published on PLOS ONE.

SocialSocial Skills Psychological Playground

Whether you had a lot of friends as a kid or mainly kept to yourself, you can probably think back on all the connections you made on play areas. Meaningful childhood relationships are built on the playground. This is where kids naturally learn how to take turns, learn how to work together, and team up for a time of creative playtime. Children hold conversations in play areas or interact with each other without using words—there are so many opportunities for social development, making playgrounds just that much more important for children and their upbringing. Playgrounds bring kids together and bring communities together—that’s a part of why we love supplying playgrounds for the beautiful state of California.

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