Why You Should Add a Playground to Your Campground

When families prepare for a camping trip and choose a campground, some things they will look at are lodging options, bathrooms and showers, campfire rules, and electrical access for RV sites. As families research camping sites, they might come across amenities such as sports equipment, picnic tables and grills, and commercial playgrounds. To appeal and attract all campers including families with children, then you should add a commercial playground, a feature that families would look for. Read below to find out why a playground is important and playgrounds for campgrounds that Zoom Recreation offers!

Keep Children Entertained

commercial play equipment california
Get kids excited with a commercial playground!

For most, camping is a way to explore nature and spend time relaxing either by the lake or by the fire. While adults can appreciate the quiet tranquility of the forest, children might become bored during a camping trip. By adding a playground to your campground, you can provide a space for children to have fun. Playgrounds will also keep children entertained as families set up tents or prepare the grill to cook a meal. In addition, features such as a commercial playground would excite kids and give them something to look forward to during the long drive to the camp site.

Playgrounds for Campgrounds Promote Inclusion

inclusive playground
Consider adding a playground that is inclusive and allows wheelchair access!

A campground should be inviting for all and every camper. Having an inclusive playground in your campground allows everyone to have fun together. Children are also able to make new friends and develop their social skills on the playground. Our inclusive playgrounds feature a wide ADA ramp, accessible for wheelchairs and colorful, interactive panels.



Playground Ideas

themed playground
A themed play structure will compliment your camp site!

For an attractive and eye-catching option, we recommend our Themed playgrounds. Shown on the right is our Marsh structure which includes decorative grass panels and nature play elements like log steps. Having nature-themed playgrounds in your campground reflects the environment and therefore, compliments your space. For an eco-friendly option, we recommend our recycled playgrounds which give the look and feel of wood without all the unwanted maintenance. Children will have the chance to learn about the importance of recycling and how anything can be made from recycled materials. A third suggestion is incorporating play equipment from our Nature Play line! Children can safely climb our rock formations as they are among by real-life mountains! For the active little campers who want a challenge, we also offer our new, exciting Zip Line! With lengths of 75′ or 100′, our Zip Line is sure to be the main attraction for kids.

Make Your Campground Memorable With Zoom Recreation

Stand out from the rest by investing in a playground for your campground! Our playgrounds for campgrounds are sure to impress your guests and keep them coming back. Based on your needs and vision, we’ll find the right playground for you! Revitalize your campsite by also adding our shade structures and our high-quality, durable site furnishings. To get started, simply give us a call at 866-234-3392 or contact us online. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay up-to-date on our latest posts!