Your Recreational Area Needs a Dog Park: Here is Why

According to the National Recreation and Park Association, 91% of Americans believe that dog parks are beneficial for communities. In response, more and more recreational parks are adding dog parks as a park feature within the last few years. Along with playgrounds, site furnishings, and fitness trails, a dog park completes a recreational space. Here’s a simple guide to creating your dog park addition!

Dog Climbers

dog play
Walk the Plank Climber

Give your dogs a challenge such as the Camel Hump Climber. Designed with dog bone steps, dogs can climb up and down the ramp. This dog play equipment has a length of 11′ and a width of 16″, plenty of room for dogs of all sizes. For a longer version of the Camel Hump Climber, we offer the Walk the Plank Climber which has a length of 17′ and a width of 16″. Both dog climbers feature a safe 2′ height. What’s even better is that our dog climbers are made with recycled posts with HDPE or high density polyethylene surface panels!

Dog Tunnels

crawl tunnel
Red and Blue Dog Log

Fun for dogs and owners, our dog tunnels are available in several designs and sizes. The classic Dog Log features a 2′ length crawl and has a 30″ diameter opening. Completed with a neat dog paw print, pups will have fun going through the tunnel and meeting their owners on the other side! Another variation of this Dog Log is the Through The Tunnel which offers a wavy path and a longer length of 5′. If you have a limited space for your dog park, we recommend the Nice Turn dog play equipment that is simply a 90 degree tunnel turn. For a whimsical dog play and statement pieces, the Home Sweet Home is a dog tunnel designed as a house! Decorated with windows on the side and a plastic-molded roof, dogs can enjoy their very own playhouse!


Jumping Dog Play

Commercial equipment
Over and Under Dog Play Equipment

Perfect for owners to train their canines, our jumping dog play equipment are available in several styles. Choose from the themed Over and Under item that incorporates a dog bone for your pups to jump over or crawl under. We also offer simpler commercial dog play equipment such as the High Jump featuring two bars. Similarly, the “Limbone, Anyone?” item features one adjustable bar for a dog version of Limbo! For a more intensive dog workout, consider the Hurdle Jump which is sold as a set of 4 jumps and each hurdle has a width of 2′.

Benefits of Having a Dog Park

There are several benefits to having a space where dogs can be free and play. Whether it is crawling through tunnels or jumping over hurdles, dogs will love having a space of their own. Check out the top 4 reasons below!

1. Dogs Deserve to Have Fun and Release Energy

While dogs are able to play in any open space, dog parks offer interactive, commercial dog play equipment like hoops and climber. With these fun challenges, intelligent and energetic dogs have the opportunity to be fully stimulated and release energy. The quick movements, change in direction, and a combination of activity and focus tap into the dogs’ natural instincts. Compared to a simple walk or even a brisk jog, dog play equipment that encourages jumping increases agility in dogs and keeps them healthy.

2. A Space to Socialize

Dog parks provide a space where dogs can socialize with one another with the help and guidance of their owners. For pet owners who only have one dog, these spaces are great for dogs to meet other dogs and learn what is acceptable and what is not acceptable. Therefore, pets who may be shy and afraid of other dogs can be safely introduced to different types of dogs.

3. Pet and Owner Bonding Time

owners with dog at dog park
Owners Bonding with their Dog at the Park

While dogs spend time with their owners at home, a dog park changes the dynamic because owners will have the chance to train their dogs and gain authority. When a dog successfully listens and follows a command to jump or crawl, this builds trust and communication between owner and dog. The bond created at the park can also help with any behavioral issues at home.

4. Learning Opportunities

At a dog park, while the dogs are playing with one another, owners have the opportunity to talk to each other and create connections with the community. A new dog owner can learn behavioral tips and tricks from experienced pet owners. Visitors who have dogs can also learn more about their dog by watching them in a different setting. Owners will discover how much control they have and how their dogs react to distractions and other dogs. Therefore, visiting a dog park can present valuable learning lessons for both dogs and owners.

Add a Dog Park to Your Recreational Space Today

A recreational area should be fun for children, adults, and pets! With our expertise and knowledge, Zoom Recreation is here to help you design a dog park. From the design process to the installation stage, we’ll work with you every step of the way. Give us a call today at 866-234-3392 or fill out a contact form and we’ll get back to you! Don’t miss out on our daily posts by following us on Facebook and Instagram.