Net Climbers

Net Climbers

Here at Zoom Recreation, we see the latest innovations and new trends emerging in the playground world. That’s why Zoom Recreation is partnered with Dynamo Playgrounds to provide you with the most exciting, unique products. All our net climbers use durable 20 mm diameter ropes constructed with 144 internal steel strands braided and wrapped with soft nylon fibers. Our rope cables are connected with high-density aluminum ball knots to eliminate any risk of friction and fraying. With this combined design system, our net climbers are made to last for generations. Additionally, all of our net climbers from Dynamo are ADA accessible because every child deserves to have fun. Check out the play equipment we offer that will make your playground stand out and encourage children to play more!

Frame Net Climbers

Kids will experience a unique climbing challenge with our Frame Net Climbers! Available in several designs and colors, we offer net climbers for children ages 5-12 years old. Depending on the climber, the capacity ranges from 17 kids to 107 kids allowing groups of children to play all together. Maximizing the play space without comprising fun, our Frame Net Climbers are a great addition to any park or community.

Rope Courses

With our Rope Courses, the possibilities are endless! Our rope courses from Dynamo Playgrounds offer an engaging 3D climbing adventure with paths that twist, turn, rise, and fall. Kids can approach the rope course by climbing over or underneath. Choose from one of our designs or create your own custom rope course that will attract visitors and impress the community! These innovative creations offer a thrilling play experience that is unique each time and inspires imagination.

Rotating Climbers

Give kids the best of both worlds with our Rotating Net Climbers! Not only can children climb along the net climber, they can also spin around with their friends. Our Rotating Net Climbers feature a main steel support post that kids can hold onto while spinning, and a sturdy steel deck dipped in PVC coating for kids to sit on. Popular options include the Apollo Rotating Climbers, available in Mini, Mid-Sized, and Regular sizes and can hold up to 15, 25, and 35 kids! Another great option is our Large Quad Pods which feature double the spinning action for twice the fun! The rotating system of our climbers are maintenance-free with self-lubricating nylon that is integrated into the central post and allows for a worry-free play experience.

Mast Nets & Tot Nets

Climb to the top of the sky with our Mast Nets! Kids can imagine that they are superheroes or mountain climbers with these net climbers. The most unique feature on our Mast Net Climbers is the soaring height with options from 10 ft to 49 ft tall! We offer many different designs that include a single Mast Net or even a combination of multiple Mast Nets. Safety comes first especially for play equipment that is as tall as our Mast Nets. Therefore, the ropes are layered in a way where the child doesn’t fall straight to the ground but instead simply tumbles down. For our little ones, we offer Tot Nets which are smaller versions of our Mast Nets. More options for 2 to 5 year old toddlers include our Igloo climber series which incorporate a playground slide and climbing nets.