Playground Surfacing

Playground Surfacing

Playground Flooring Ideas

Choose from our various playground surfacing options to create the look and feel right for your space. Zoom offers Poured Rubber, Rubber Tile, Rubber Mulch & Synthetic Turf for playgrounds and shade area.

Blue Pour-In-Place Rubber Surfacing

SpectraPour System Data

  • 2-layer system - mixed, poured & troweled on-site
  • Available in 22 Colors
  • Create custom shapes and Designs
  • Installed over Type 2 road base, concrete, or asphalt
  • IPEMA Certified

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Synthetic Turf

Artificial turf gives you a look and feel similar to natural grass but without the time-consuming maintenance natural grass requires.

Rubber Mulch

Loose-fill rubber mulch is a type of synthetic rubber that offers an eco-friendly and low-maintenance surfacing for playground or swing set installation. It’s a great economical way to still provide rubber surfacing, for a fraction of the cost of Pour-in-Place rubber surfacing. Thanks to its impact-absorbing protection and weatherproof durability this surfacing can keep your playground safe for the long-haul.

Rubber Tile

Rubber tiles are smooth, shock-absorbent, and ADA compliant. Additionally, it can uphold a sleek aesthetic. Creating a non-slip surface, rubber tiles give extra support, seeing less falls for a more enjoyable, safer experience.

Poured Rubber

Pour-in-place rubber surfacing, also known as PIP surfacing, is low-maintenance and offers premium durability for high-traffic playgrounds. PIP surfacing offers great shock absorption and provides ADA accessibility, so all can enjoy the play area. This surfacing is a great long-term investment.

Quality & Accessibility

Zoom Playground Equipment Cover All The Bases

DIR Registered Public Works Contractor
(DIR #1000655676)
CA Licensed and Bonded Contractor
(LIC #1067651)
Certified Playground Inspector
ADA - Americans with Disabilities ActASTM International - Standards organizationU.S. Consumer Product Safety CommissionInternational Play Equipment Manufacturers AssociationBBB Accredited Business

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