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Zoom is constantly adapting to the next best practices when it comes to playground and shade design. Let’s bring communities together by creating modern and functional outdoor recreation areas that encourage play and relaxation. 

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Why Use DSA Pre-Approved Shade Structures?

DSA Shade

Benefit of Approved Fabricators

Working with an approved fabricator offers the significant advantage of bypassing specific Material Control/Quality Control inspections, leading to expedited project timelines.

Streamlined Design Process

The design process benefits immensely from the utilization of pre-approved shade designs, allowing for a seamless integration into site-specific construction projects before their submission.

Available Shade Structure Designs

The selection of shade structure designs includes the Center Post Umbrella, the Cantilever Umbrella, and the Hip Shade, offering versatile options for project needs.

Advantage of Pre-Approved Designs

Opting for pre-approved shade structure designs accelerates the approval and construction phases, as these designs meet certain predefined standards and inspections, facilitating a smoother project integration.

Transform Your Space with DSA Pre-Approved Shade Structures

Our DSA pre-approved shade structures include select Hip and Umbrella shades allowing you to create functional shaded spaces. Please find some of our most common PC sizes below:

Cantilever Umbrella: 20', 14', 10'
Single Post Umbrella: 20', 12'
Hip Shades: 30' x 30', 20' x 30', 30' x 40'

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Zoom Recreation has been busy designing and installing commercial playground equipment, shade structures, and amenities throughout California and Arizona. The Zoom team transforms outdoor recreation areas by incorporating modern, creative, and safe elements into playground designs.

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Superior Shades, the second largest manufacturer in the US.

We understand that purchasing commercial shade structures that comply with all California safety standards can be a difficult task to navigate. That’s why we work with Superior Shade, a certified fabricator for the City of Los Angeles (LADBS) and California Division of the State Architect (DSA). With a DSA approved shade structure, California public schools, colleges, and other state-owned facilities can rest assured knowing the shade structures provided by Zoom Recreation are precheck approved.

California Division of the State Architect (DSA) Pre-Check approved

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City of Los Angeles Department of Building & Safety (LADBS) Certified Fabricator

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project 01

Sequoia Park

The Zoom team designed and installed two nature themed commercial playground structures to encourage creative play for a public park in Monterey Park, California.

DSA Shade Structure
DSA Shade Structure
project 02

Collier Park

Zoom Recreation provided and installed 3 sail shade structures and a steel shade shelter to maximize comfortability for visitors and sports spectators at this public park in San Diego.

project 03

Sonoma Apartments

For this project in Riverside, the Zoom team designed and installed fabric hip shades and complementary park amenities to create a modern, cohesive, and comfortable picnic area for residents to gather.

DSA Shade Structure
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Commercial Shade Structures and Playground Design Resources

Explore Zoom Recreation’s Design Hub filled with helpful information that will help you plan your next outdoor recreation area. From CAD files to Specifications, our Design Hub has everything you need to accurately specify our products into your project plans.

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zoom recreation cad files

Award-Winning Playground Company

Zoom Recreation strives to create efficient recreational spaces and provide exceptional customer service. Superior awarded us their highest President's Award and Gold Club Awards two years in a row.

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