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Outdoor Shade Installation

For shades, choose from cantilever, sail, umbrella, custom shades, and more. For shelters, we offer options like square, gable end, hexagon, hip end shelters, among others.

Commercial Shades

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Keep your cool with our UV-stabilized shades, so you can enjoy your time, regardless of the season.

Despite your unique aesthetic vision or budget, the team of Zoom Recreation can help you find the commercial shade structure solution that will benefit your area. We offer cantilever shades for pool side seating or parking lot areas, large hip shades to cover entire playground spaces as well as sail shades for both aesthetic and functional purposes to cover a wide range of areas. Whether you need a pavilion or a commercial sail shade canopy, Zoom Recreation can help make your vision a reality. The commercial grade shade canopies, commercial pool shade structures and commercial patio shades we use are highly rated and will be a beautiful benefit to your area. Our goal is to help you find your solution. In working with a top manufacturer in the U.S., Zoom Recreation can help your park, school or community find its next commercial shade structure – Offering a cool, shaded experience to everyone who visits.

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Custom Planning, Design, & Certified Professional Installations

Our team of certified professionals works to comply with ASTM and CPSC standards to produce enjoyable recreation spaces that meet safety regulations. From the planning stages to installation, we are certified to work on every aspect of your project—ensuring that it’s efficient and customized to your needs. Our turn-key process is streamlined so we can handle the equipment design, play surfacing and construction all under one roof.

Live in Color with Shade Options

Give your shade a bright, cohesive finish by matching your shade post color to the playground structure itself.

Spring Green
Light Green
Turf and rubber surfacing from Pacific Academy in Costa Mesa, CA.

Playground Surfacing

Zoom offers the latest surfacing material technology for your Playground, Shaded areas and Outdoor Equipment. Select from our numerous surfacing types to lay the foundation of your recreation area. We do build from the ground up, after all.

Synthetic Turf
Artificial turf gives you a look and feel that is close to what natural grass offers, but without the time-consuming maintenance that natural grass requires.
Rubber Mulch
Rubber mulch is nuggets of synthetic rubber that offer an eco-friendly and low maintenance playground. Providing excellent fall protection to help keep your playground safe, it is great for long-term use.
Rubber Tile
Smooth and shock-absorbent rubber is ADA compliant, while upholding a sleek aesthetic. Creating a non-slip surface, rubber tiles give extra support, seeing less falls for a more enjoyable, safer experience.
Poured Rubber
Pour-in-place rubber surfacing, also known as PIP surfacing, is low-maintenance and offers premium durability for high-traffic playgrounds. PIP surfacing offers great shock absorption and provides ADA accessibility, so all can enjoy the play area.

Shade Fabrics: Fabricate a Good Time

Enjoy the sunshine while staying protected with our UV stabilized fabric shade. Select a style and finish that suits your space best: from cantilever, umbrella, sail, and rectangle hip shades, among others. Make the most of your space.

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Let Kids Be Kids. Explore Our Playgrounds.

Our playgrounds prioritize safety first—followed by fun, play, and learning experiences. Commercial-grade equipment produced by Superior Recreational Products ensures your playground structures are functional as well as modernly styled. So let the kids play.

Certified Professional & CPSI Safety Installation

To ensure excellence and proper safety, everyone on our team is a Certified Playground Safety Inspector. Additionally, our certified installers comply with ASTM standards. From start to finish, we want to ensure that your outdoor fitness solution is carried out and completed with nothing but quality. Starting with professional, expert advice, your project will include top-notch products and will be installed skillfully with the most trusted professionals in the Los Angeles area. With a mindset for customer service, our team will work determinedly with you, not settling for a quick fix. Our goal is to equip your park with a solution that will address your wants and needs.

A Superior, High-Grade Playground & Shade Equipment Supplier

Quality Equipment

We believe in only providing high-quality equipment to our customers—that’s why we partner with Superior Recreational Products. Offering their full suite of products gives our customers quality options. As a PlayCore company, Superior Recreational Products is an industry leader in traditional and themed play equipment.


Exemplifying our high quality standards, all of our commercial playground equipment is IPEMA-certified. This means that our equipment is manufactured to the industry's highest standard. IPEMA-certification is given only to manufacturers that pass strict testing on both the materials and processes. Visit or contact us for more information.

Quality & Accessibility

Zoom Recreation Playground Equipment Cover All The Bases

DIR Registered Public Works Contractor
(DIR #1000655676)
CA Licensed and Bonded Contractor
(LIC #1067651)
Certified Playground Inspector

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