Net Climbers & Jungle Gym

Outdoor Climbing Structures encourage children to play more!

Choose from frame, rotating, rope courses, mast, or tot net options to take kids to new heights. Safety first, as always, so ropes are layered methodically to provide support while climbing.


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All our net climbers use durable 20 mm diameter ropes constructed with 144 internal steel strands braided and wrapped with soft nylon fibers. Our rope cables are connected with high-density aluminum ball knots to eliminate any risk of friction and fraying. With this combined design system, our net climbers are made to last for generations. Additionally, our net climbers are ADA accessible because everyone deserves to have fun.

Custom Planning, Design, & Certified Professional Installations

Our team of certified professionals works to comply with ASTM and CPSC standards to produce enjoyable recreation spaces that meet safety regulations. From the planning stages to installation, we are certified to work on every aspect of your project—ensuring that it’s efficient and customized to your needs. Our turn-key process is streamlined so we can handle the equipment design, play surfacing and construction all under one roof.

Soft Nylon Rope

Our net climbers provide kids with a challenging yet safe way to play. Using soft nylon rope, the cables are durable and designed to be fray and fade-resistant. Climb to new heights.

Ball Knot Connectors

Durable is one word to describe our net climbers that use ball knot connectors compressed in place with 150,000 pounds force. This tiny but mighty metal part helps protect the cables from moving and premature wear and tear.

Zoom Cares About Safety & Inspection

DIR Registered Public Works Contractor (DIR #1000655676) ✓
CA Licensed and Bonded Contractor (LIC #1067651) ✓
Certified Playground Safety Inspectors ✓
ASTM Certified ✓

Safety first is second nature with Zoom.

A Superior, High-Grade Playground & Shade Equipment Supplier

Superior Products
Quality Equipment

We believe in only providing high-quality equipment to our customers—that’s why we partner with Superior Recreational Products. Offering their full suite of products gives our customers quality options. As a PlayCore company, Superior Recreational Products is an industry leader in traditional and themed play equipment.

IPEMA-Certified - Playground Climbers

Exemplifying our high quality standards, all of our commercial playground equipment is IPEMA-certified. This means that our equipment is manufactured to the industry's highest standard. IPEMA-certification is given only to manufacturers that pass strict testing on both the materials and processes. Visit or contact us for more information.

Give Your Net Climber a Pop of Color

Choose from a variety of bright and vibrant colors!

Spring Green
Light Green
Playground Structure

Quality & Accessibility

Zoom Playground Equipment Cover All The Bases

DIR Registered Public Works Contractor
(DIR #1000655676)
CA Licensed and Bonded Contractor
(LIC #1067651)
Certified Playground Inspector
ADA - Americans with Disabilities ActASTM International - Standards organizationU.S. Consumer Product Safety CommissionInternational Play Equipment Manufacturers AssociationBBB Accredited Business

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