Commercial Sail Shades

Rectangle Hip Shades

The Rectangle Hip shade structure presents an excellent shading solution ideal for schools and parks. Its adaptable design is capable of offering shade for a wide array of needs, ranging from entire playgrounds to serene picnic areas. 

The Most Ideal Product For Covering Your Playground Structure.

The Rectangle Hip shade structure stands as a versatile and cost-effective solution designed to elevate outdoor experiences in schools, parks, and beyond. Its adaptable nature ensures it can fulfill a wide range of applications, making it an invaluable addition to any outdoor space. From providing a sheltered oasis for an entire playground, complete with slides, swings, and play equipment, to creating serene picnic areas where families can gather and relax, the Rectangle Hip Shade structure has you covered.

Commercial Sail Shades Over Park
Commercial Sail Shades Over Chairs
Commercial Sail Shades Over Chairs
Commercial Sail Shades Over Pool

Quality Commercial Rectangular and Square Shades

Our Rectangle Hip Shades come in standard sizes of 10’x12’, 18’x20’, 24’x30’, and more! We offer standard entry heights of 8’, 10’, and 12’. If you are looking to cover a playground, we recommend an entry height of 12’ or higher. For an even larger space, our rectangle canopies can be combined to form a multi-dome hip shade. Compatible with our Glide Elbow™.

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Glide Elbow Attachment

Our commercial Shade Structures can be equipped with a patented solution, known as the Glide Elbow™ attachment. This feature allows for the easy removal of the shade fabric in the event of storms, heavy snow, or high winds, preventing potential damage and ensuring longevity.

The Glide Elbow can be easily removed in 3 simple steps:

  1. Loosen the Glide Elbow by turning the hex nuts with a proper wrench.
  2. Tie each corner of the fabric to the cable for security.
  3. Cautiously unhook the fabric and cables and push the fabric away from the hooks.

 Commercial Sail Shades Shapes
Commercial Sail Shades

Rectangle Hip Shade Key Features

  • Custom Sizes: Available in a variety of sizes, our rectangle hip shade structures can be tailored to match your school or park's unique aesthetic. Choose from entry heights of 8', 10', and 12' and sizes from as small as 10' to as large as 60'.
  • Color Options: Get creative and choose from 20+ color options! Mix and match a multitude of colors to match your brand, or select just one to add a vibrant pop
  • Surface or In-Ground Mount: In-ground mounts embed the support directly into the ground. Surface mounts provide versatility by allowing attachment to different surfaces, offering more flexibility.

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Commercial Shade Structures for schools, parks, and more.

Zoom Recreation loves to install shade structures in Arizona and California. Wherever your project is located, we will come to you!

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Commercial Sail Shades Over Playground


The perfect entertainment for church daycares and youth groups.

Home Builders

Creating outdoor spaces where children and families find community.


Provide local communities with a safe haven to learn, play, and grow.


Maximize time in the hot sun with a commercial sun shade.


Give your kindergarten, preschool or elementary school a big upgrade.


Where childcare, adventure, and education combine.


Time to make your local community family-friendly.


Offering families a place to have fun right in their neighborhood.

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Safety first is second nature with Zoom.

Custom Planning, Design, & Certified Professional Installations

Our team of certified professionals works to comply with ASTM and CPSC standards to produce enjoyable recreation spaces that meet safety regulations. From the planning stages to installation, we are certified to work on every aspect of your project—ensuring that it’s efficient and customized to your needs. Our turn-key process is streamlined so we can handle the equipment design, play surfacing and construction all under one roof.

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Shade Structure Fabric Colors

Now take a moment to pick your shade fabric color! Here, you'll find a collection of our traditional fabric colors. If you have your eye on our dual shade, waterproof, or fire retardant fabric options, feel free to reach out to us for further details and assistance.

Royal Purple
True Blue
Brunswick Green
Forest Green
Desert Sand
Sun Blaze
Steel Gray
Playground Structure
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Our Quick Ship Playground Program

Choose from our selected play structures for ages 2-5, 5-12, and 2-12 years old. You can have your dream playground shipped to you in 5 days!

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We believe in only providing high-quality equipment to our customers—that’s why we partner with Superior Recreational Products. Offering their full suite of products gives our customers quality options. As a PlayCore company, Superior Recreational Products is an industry leader in traditional and themed play equipment.

IPEMA-Certified - Playground Climbers

Exemplifying our high quality standards, all of our commercial playground equipment is IPEMA-certified. This means that our equipment is manufactured to the industry's highest standard. IPEMA-certification is given only to manufacturers that pass strict testing on both the materials and processes. Visit or contact us for more information.

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Safety Always Comes First with Zoom

DIR Registered Public Works Contractor
(DIR #1000655676)
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(LIC #1067651)
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Zoom Recreation strives to create efficient recreational spaces and provide exceptional customer service. Superior awarded us their highest President's Award and Gold Club Awards two years in a row.

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