Bonnie Brennan

July 11, 2022

We were brought on to install new customized school playgrounds in a 30-year-old space in two areas for ages 2-5 and 5-12. We installed new swing sets and sports equipment and renovated the basketball court and soccer field.

The Challenge

The most challenging aspects of the project ended up being the location of the school and design of custom made playgrounds. As these schools were located three hours outside of Phoenix in Winslow, AZ, in-person project coordination was limited and made the design and planning phases complex. Another challenge was working directly with our manufacturer and install team to make custom modifications to the play structures. We removed spinning and swinging elements which the school principal felt were unsafe and substituted other play components into the design.
Chris Smith
, Zoom Recreation

Our Solution

Communication was key between the client and ourselves as we worked with our manufacturer, Superior Recreational Products, to make these custom modifications happen. The engineering team redesigned the playground layout to substitute out three active single wheel swings and a sonic spinner. These components were replaced with our Active Snake Walk and Five Step Lily Pad play equipment.
Chris Smith
, Zoom Recreation

The playground quality exceeds what we thought we were getting! As far as the nice glass regulation style hoops—they're such an upgrade. We're so happy with the finished product.

Larissa Richards, Principal
Bonnie Brennan Elementary School
Chris Smith
Project Manager

As a project manager, I love the creativity and freedom to build out a vision from scratch. I grew up climbing everything. Looking back, this contributed towards my development as a child. When designing a play space, I believe some of the most important aspects are imaginative, creative, and physical play. When I'm not working, I'm immersed in sports, especially football, golf, and snowboarding!

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