Ivy Academia

Los Angeles
October 10, 2022

This project was to provide and install two hip shades: one to provide cover for a kindergarten play area and another to shade a lunch area. Both areas required cutting through existing asphalt to set our support posts and foundations

The Challenge

The most challenging part of this job came up when our installation team was halted by a copper water line running through the center of one of our shade foundation positions. The other three had already been drilled, so filling all of these holes and redrilling new ones was the last resort.
Justin Lotz
, Zoom Recreation

Our Solution

We jumped to a solution by having the project's certified engineer quickly calculate a revised foundation type to circumvent this water line. Within half a day, we had this review completed and stamped by the engineer and our installation crew quickly gathered the new materials to complete the installation on time, without redrilling any new holes.
Justin Lotz
, Zoom Recreation

Wonderful! Great experience with all representatives. Would definitely contact them in the future.

Maria Gennaro
Ivy Academia Charter School
Justin Lotz
Project Manager

Being a Project Manager for Zoom Recreation has brought so much joy and purpose to my work. As a child forced away from the TV and into year-round sports, park days and camping trips, I learned to appreciate what being active does for the mind, body, and spirit. Working with our customers who share that purpose, to create a space for this generation's youth to explore, is energizing. Outside of work, I am a sports fanatic and I support my favorite teams: Lakers, Dodgers, and Liverpool FC. I am also really enjoying a new chapter in life as a husband and father of a newborn girl.

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