Jefferson Elementary

July 7, 2022

We revitalized a 30 year old elementary school playground by incorporating modern play designs. One playground features a focus on physical play and climbing components. The other focuses on sustainability with recycled plastic material.

The Challenge

The biggest obstacle that we overcame with the project was working within a constrained timeline as the school approached its end of fiscal year funding deadline. This required us to finalize an official proposal in a very small window.
Chris Smith
, Zoom Recreation

Our Solution

The Zoom Recreation team worked together with Superior's engineering, design and purchasing teams to accomplish this goal. We walked the site with the client to create a vision and determine their goals for the play environment. We then worked with our manufacturer to develop a site plan that worked within their space while staying within budget. We bypassed the traditional bidding process utilizing a Buyboard Purchasing Cooperative contract. This allowed us to expedite the bid with the added benefit of an additional 10% discount.
Chris Smith
, Zoom Recreation

Brand Designer
Chris Smith
Project Manager

As a project manager, I love the creativity and freedom to build out a vision from scratch. I grew up climbing everything. Looking back, this contributed towards my development as a child. When designing a play space, I believe some of the most important aspects are imaginative, creative, and physical play. When I'm not working, I'm immersed in sports, especially football, golf, and snowboarding!

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