TVT Day School

Orange County
June 1, 2022

TVT has a stunning campus—it's truly pristine. You can tell the staff have cultivated the best environment possible for their students. We set out to deliver an outstanding final shade product, so aesthetics were our top design priority.

The Challenge

TVT had strong design preferences and a tight deadline. Their lower courtyard was a key aspect of the project, as they host many galas and events in this space. They needed a shade that would complement the existing design architecture in the courtyard, as well as provide shade to a large portion of the courtyard for their daytime events. It was important that we kept the posts outside the middle of the space and as unobtrusive as possible. Additionally, the existing grass needed to be replaced with artificial turf in all courtyard areas. A key contributing challenge was completing the major construction elements over the course of 2 weeks, while the students were on spring break.
Dan Smith
, Zoom Recreation

Our Solution

To keep the posts from interfering with the courtyard aesthetics, we used a center plate that connected all of the sails together. This prevented the need for a center post, and set the foundation for a successful shade! As for the turf, we specified a top quality artificial turf that included an antimicrobial technology, to keep the space safe amid the growing pandemic safety concerns. As for the spring break timeline, we made it happen. We dug footers and set all the posts for both courtyards during that period.
Dan Smith
, Zoom Recreation

TVT Community Day School
Dan Smith
Senior Project Manager

Having the opportunity to work with some of the highest level design professionals in the recreation space here in Southern California is a true blessing. I’ve been able to learn a ton over the years on how to really create both a functional and aesthetically pleasing design. Anchored down in San Diego, when I’m not working, I’m appreciating all that this city has to offer.

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