Steel Shelters

Los Angeles Steel Shelters Provider

One benefit to living in Southern California is the fair and pleasant weather. While it does rain on occasion, you can expect sunshine all year round. Thus, it is important to think about protection and coverage from the UV rays of the sun. While a fabric shade is one solution to shield from the sun or rain, sometimes you will need a more permanent, maintenance-free solution. Look no further than our steel shelters which are built from top-quality steel. We also offer sealed drawings to ensure the shelter meets local building codes. Our shelters are finished with our durable powder coat with epoxy primer and colors can be customized for the metal roofs and steel frames.

Square Shelters

Classic and versatile, our Square shelters are the simplest solution for your recreational area. Perfect for picnic areas and rest areas, our Square shelters come in standard sizes of 12’x12’, 16’x16’, 20’x20’, 24’x24’, and 30’x30’. For our Square shelters, the standard entry height is 7’6”. Additionally, the roofing system on our steel shelters can be customized to have a single top or a duo-top as seen here. To further customize your shelter, choose from columns such as standard square, rectangular, standard quad, premium quad, stepped, or round banded columns!

Gable End Shelters

Ideal for large events with stages and accompanying seating, our Gable End shelters will impress guests while providing ample shade protection. Choose from sizes as small as 8’x9’ for smaller areas, up to sizes as large as 104’x50’ for larger areas. Thanks to our hidden hardware design, our shelters are sleek and durable. Our Gable End shelters are available as standard or duo-top. We also offer an option for electrical access to our steel shelters!

Hip End Shelters

Another great option for a rectangular-shaped shelter, our Hip End shelters offers a unique appearance for spaces with picnic tables, benches, and even bleachers. Sizes are available from 8’x12’ to 30’x84’ for our standard Hip End shelters. Our smaller sizes are a great choice to cover outdoor school lunch areas and protect children from the rain and the sun’s harmful rays. Choose between a 24 or 29-gauge metal roof for your steel shelter.

Hexagon Shelters

Create a space that is intimate and private with our Hexagon shelters! These shelter options provide weather protection while adding visual appeal. Our Hexagon shelters can serve as a picnic shelter, bench gazebo, or a wedding gazebo for unlimited photography opportunities. Standard sizes for our Hexagon shelters are available in 16’x16’, 20’x20’, 24’x24’, and 28’x28’. Customize your steel shelter with our variety of ornamental lattice and guardrails designs. Another great design option is adding a steel cupola on top which is available for most shelter styles.

Mini Shelters & Kiosks

For shading small areas such as bus stops, mailboxes, and single picnic tables, we offer Mini shelters and Kiosks. Our Mini shelters help the public find cover from the rain and sun while our Kiosks allow parks to have a bulletin board display for important messages, signage, or events. Our Mini shelters and Kiosks create spaces that are functional and practical for the community to appreciate. Available in standard sizes of 8’x8’, 10’x10’, and 12’x12’.

Cantilevered Trellis

Make a bold decorative and architectural statement with our Cantilevered Trellis. A trellis transforms open area spaces and provides grand entrances to parks and walkways with its unique designs. Our trellis shelters can be customized to fit your desired vision for your community. This trellis seen here features a unique curved design with a single post.