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Daycares play an important role in the development of children. At Zoom Recreation, we understand the impact our products have on toddlers and children, and that’s a huge reason why we love what we do. We enjoy partnering with daycares to find the best play area solutions suited for the little ones. We are motivated by the outcome of our work—toddlers and children making memories on the playground. Our turn-key process suits daycares, guiding and assisting in every step from planning through playground equipment installation.
When it comes to offering an amazing experience to your daycare students, the playground is one of the most critical aspects of your facility. We help take the guesswork out of this portion of your learning center, so you can focus on everything else!
Our team specializes in designing early learning childhood play spaces that incorporate various play elements such as Physical, Sensory, Dramatic and Musical elements, to offer your children a wide range of developmental opportunities.
Let’s get started on building a Zoom Daycare that stands out from the competition.

What Zoom Recreation Can Offer for Your Daycare

We're Here to Help from Start to Finish

Take your daycare vision from concept to creation.

What’s most important to us is that your goals and needs are met. Our objective isn’t simply to sell playground equipment—we want to walk alongside communities, organizations, and schools to help get their new playground up and running. Consider Zoom Recreation your one-stop-shop: Our process starts during the planning phase and doesn’t end until your playground is installed. We’ll take care of the little details in between, too, such as recommending products, prepping the surface, and inspecting for safety after assembly.
As we begin the design process for your Daycare’s new playground space, there are a few key questions we like to have answered for starters:
What are the ages of kids playing on this equipment?

Age Appropriate Play

Finding out the ages of the children that will be interacting on the play equipment allows us to ensure we design the equipment to fit the physical and mental abilities of the children. This is a critical aspect, as Age-Appropriate play is centered around the safety guidelines of the Public Playground Safety Handbook. With Daycares there are two age groups:
  • -6 to 23 months
  • -2-5 years
If you have children in both age groups, it's important that their play spaces are designed around their respective age groups, with each age group having their own space to play. Below are just a few of the different pieces of equipment we love to incorporate into each age-groups play space:

2-5 Aged Playground Equipment

6-23 Month Playground Equipment



What types of play elements are important to your early learning center?

Types of Play Elements

There are many different types of play that you can incorporate into your daycare. Below are examples of each type:

Dramatic Play Equipment

Dramatic play is a critical component of play as it helps spur the imagination of the kids as they explore new aspects of the playground. Developing imagination is proven to help kids with creativity and a variety of other cognitive functions.

Sensory Play Equipment

As children play, they develop their sensory skills which includes smell, touch, taste and sight. We love incorporating play equipment into the space that allows children to explore a variety of their senses at once.

Musical Play Equipment

One of our favorite elements to incorporate, musical play is a great way to develop a child cognitively. A study from the University of Southern California's Brain and Creativity Institute found that interacting with music at an early age can accelerate language acquisition and reading skills.

Nature Play Equipment

Connecting children to nature supports creativity and problem solving, enhancing cognitive abilities, improving academic performance, and supporting social development. With limited opportunities today to connect our youth to nature daily, incorporating natural play elements into your daycare is the perfect solution.

Playground Equipment

Zoom Recreation supplies ideal play structures for daycares, offering age-appropriate standard equipment in addition to recycled plastic, themed structures, ADA-accessible equipment, rope climbers, and more.


Safety is key in what we do. As a part of our top to bottom offerings, we supply and install artificial turf, loose-fill rubber mulch, play turf, pour-in-place rubber, shredded bonded rubber, and wood mulch. We can recommend the best surfacing option for your daycare.

Shade Structures

Daycares may want to consider complementing their play area with shade structures. This not only will provide a comfortable place to play, but it will also protect toddlers from UV rays while also protecting the equipment, ideal for longevity under California's harsh sun.

Site Furnishings

Keep your play area functional and enjoyable with site amenities such as benches, tables, trash receptacles, and bike racks. Teaming up with Superior Amenities, we supply and install the nation's top site furnishings.
What are our space constraints?

What are our space constraints?

One of the most vital elements to the design stage of play equipment is understanding just how much space there is to work with. It comes as a surprise to many of our clients on just how much space is needed around the "Use-zone" of a piece of play equipment in order to stay in compliance with ASTM and CPSC Safety Standards.
Our team will evaluate just how much space yourearly learning center has, and then help narrow down what items will provide the most play value for your playground based on what elements you value most. Giving your daycare the most play value per sq ft of functional space is critical to a successful design.
What is the general budget for this project?

Budget for Playground

The last important factor we like to discuss with preschool play spaces is budget. With commercial playgrounds and play amenities, the cost for items can come as a surprise to some clients. We like to be realistic as we enter the design so that we create a space that is financially realistic for your daycare or early learning facility. Understanding your budget helps us to narrow down things such as play surfacing, which can vary a lot in cost per square foot based on the product. For example, Pour-in-Place rubber surfacing or Artificial turf will typically be 3 to 4 times more expensive than wood mulch surfacing.

Once we determine what's important, whether that's more the play equipment or the surfacing, we can use that criteria to customize a design that makes sense for your preschool or daycare.

Our Process

After we finalize your design, we'll go ahead and build out a full proposal for you and your team to review. This will include 3-D renderings of the site, renderings of each piece of equipment, 2-D plans of the space and spec sheets going into detail on the dimensions/materials that go into each item in the proposal.

Once you are ready to move forward on the proposal, we will begin production on the equipment and get you on the schedule for the installation. Our typical lead time from time of order to shipping of the equipment is typically 5-6 weeks.

SoCal's Trusted Playground Supplier: Zoom Recreation

Zoom Recreation is a team of experienced professionals who love what they do day in and day out. Playgrounds play an important role in the special moments in our lives, and we are dedicated to using our experience and expertise to be a resource for schools and daycares, outfitting them with playground equipment solutions. Our turn-key process is handled with your goals in mind. One company, one manufacturer and one design—all to meet your goal.

  • Meets ASTM and CPSC Standards
  • Locally Owned and Operated
  • ADA-Compliant Products Available

Los Angeles' Exclusive Superior Recreational Products Provider

Zoom Recreation is honored to partner with Superior Recreational Products. They are the manufacturer we would recommend to any school or daycare, and they are Zoom Recreation's manufacturer of choice. For over 30 years, they have been trusted across the country for their high-quality products at a great price point. What separates Superior Recreation Products from the others is their extensive selection of products—including standard playground equipment, recycled play structures, shade amenities, and site furnishings. Fitting any theme, purpose, or demographic, Superior Recreation Products is an exceptional company, and Zoom Recreation is proudly the exclusive provider of their products in Southern California.