Daycare Playgrounds and Shade Structures

Enhance Daycare Play Time

Provide a well-rounded and enriching experience for children in daycare settings with a playground. At Zoom Recreation, we provide playground equipment, commercial shade structures, and amenities that positively impact children's social and cognitive development.

Daycare Fun

From initial design to final installation, Zoom Recreation provides the highest quality customer support. By incorporating unique playground equipment, shade structures, and amenities into your daycares design, Zoom Recreation can create a lively outdoor space for daycares.

Commercial Playgrounds

Playgrounds For Daycares

Zoom Recreation excels in crafting top-quality playground equipment for daycare centers. With certifications like DIR Registered Public Works Contractor and Licensed and Bonded Class A General Contractor in CA and AZ, we ensure strict adherence to local codes. Our playground structures for daycare centers come in vibrant colors and various finishes, offering customization options to create engaging and safe play areas. We integrate educational elements seamlessly into designs, guaranteeing hassle-free installation and a visually appealing environment.

DSA Shade Structure
DSA Shade Structure
Commercial Shade Structures

Shade Structures For Daycares

At Zoom Recreation, our commercial shade structures provide essential UV protection for daycare centers, ensuring a comfortable and safe outdoor experience for children. By collaborating with certified fabricators, we simplify the design and installation process, avoiding lengthy inspections and expediting project timelines. Our versatile shade solutions, such as the Center Post Umbrella, Cantilever Umbrella, Hip Shade, and Sail Shades, adhere to rigorous standards, ensuring swift approval and seamless integration into daycare environments

Commercial playground Amenities

Amenities For Daycares

Zoom Recreation elevates daycare outdoor environments into fully integrated, turn-key projects with our extensive lineup of amenities. Our offerings include benches, picnic tables, picnic grills, trash receptacles, and bike racks, all crafted from high-quality, commercial-grade materials. These amenities are meticulously designed to enhance safety, convenience, and the overall appeal of daycare grounds, creating spaces that cater to various activities and gatherings. Adding amenities to a playground or shade project will fully complete your design, creating one cohesive space for daycare students to gather to play and relax.

DSA Shade Structure

Zoom Recreation has done such a great job with our playground. The kids are so happy to play and it looks amazing. We love how everything came out. Zoom went over and beyond to make us happy. The YWCA GLA will use Zoom Recreation again.

Sarah Lopez


Need a Custom solution?

Custom Planning, Design, & Certified Professional Installations

Our team of certified professionals works to comply with ASTM and CPSC standards to produce enjoyable recreation spaces that meet safety regulations. From the planning stages to installation, we are certified to work on every aspect of your project—ensuring that it’s efficient and customized to your needs. Our turn-key process is streamlined so we can handle the equipment design, play surfacing and construction all under one roof.

Commercial Playground Equipment
Commercial Playground Equipment Size Dimensions Comparison

Zoom Cares About Safety & Inspection

DIR Registered Public Works Contractor (DIR #1000655676) ✓
CA Licensed and Bonded Contractor (LIC #1067651) ✓
Certified Playground Safety Inspectors ✓
ASTM Certified ✓

Safety first is second nature with Zoom.

Playground Surfacing
Turf and rubber surfacing from Pacific Academy in Costa Mesa, CA.

Playground Surfacing & Installation

Zoom offers the latest surfacing material technology for your Playground, Shaded areas and Outdoor Equipment. Select from our numerous surfacing types to lay the foundation of your recreation area. We do build from the ground up, after all.

Engineered Wood Fiber

Engineered Wood Fiber, also known as wood mulch, is a popular and versatile material that has excellent shock-absorbing properties. It acts as a natural cushioning material, providing a softer playground surface that helps reduce the risk of injuries from falls. This makes wood mulch an excellent choice for creating safer play environments. Wood mulch can enhance the visual appeal of playgrounds. It provides a more organic and inviting environment for children to play with its natural and earthy tones.

Synthetic Turf

Artificial turf, also known as synthetic grass, is a popular alternative to natural grass. Artificial turf provides a low-maintenance, durable, and visually appealing alternative to natural grass. Its ability to withstand heavy use, excellent drainage, and environmental advantages make it a versatile choice for landscaping, sports fields, or residential areas.

Rubber Mulch

Loose-fill rubber mulch is a type of synthetic rubber that offers an eco-friendly and low-maintenance surfacing for playground or swing set installation. It’s a great economical way to still provide rubber surfacing, for a fraction of the cost of Pour-in-Place rubber surfacing. Thanks to its impact-absorbing protection and weatherproof durability this playground surfacing can keep your playground safe for the long-haul.

Poured Rubber

Pour-in-place rubber surfacing, also known as PIP surfacing, is low-maintenance and offers premium durability for high-traffic playgrounds. PIP surfacing offers great shock absorption and provides ADA accessibility, so all can enjoy the play area. This protective playground surface is a great long-term investment.

Quality & Accessibility

Safety Always Comes First with Zoom

DIR Registered Public Works Contractor
(DIR #1000655676)
CA Licensed and Bonded Class A General Contractor
(LIC #1067651)
AZ Licensed and Bonded Class A General Contractor
ROC # 347611 (Class A)
Certified Playground Inspector
ADA - Americans with Disabilities ActASTM International - Standards organizationU.S. Consumer Product Safety CommissionInternational Play Equipment Manufacturers AssociationBBB Accredited Business

Award-Winning Playground Company

Zoom Recreation strives to create efficient recreational spaces and provide exceptional customer service. Superior awarded us their highest President's Award and Gold Club Awards two years in a row.

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