Arizona Commercial Shade Structures

Ongoing Fun, Safe from the Sun

Arizona is known for its striking, unmatched natural characteristics and landmarks. This state is the perfect place to enjoy the wonder and benefits of the outdoors – well, almost perfect. It’s no secret that Arizona is painted with sunlight, and we’re all aware of how too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. While we wouldn’t trade abundant sunshine for anything, recreational areas have to be intentional about providing shade to protect visitors. Commercial shade structures make for a comfortable and safe break from the heat that boosts your property’s reputation.

Why Shade Matters

Ultimately, shade structures keep your visitors comfortable for an overall excellent experience.

Five-Star Selection for Strong Sun Protection

Rectangle Hip Shades

An affordable and versatile option that covers large areas.

Cantilever Shades

An open-style frame designed to cover areas such as pools, parking lots, and walkways.

Sail Shades

A modern and stylish option for upscale venues (e.g., resorts and museums) or your everyday park.

Umbrella Shades

A simple shade solution available in varying shapes to cover small areas such as restaurant patios and compact play spaces.

Custom Shades

A fun and bold look for inspired play and unique aesthetics.

Playground Shade Toppers

A shade solution that doesn’t get in the way of fun.

Quality You Can Count On

To beat the Arizona heat, Zoom Recreation’s shade structures are manufactured with…
  • UV stabilized shade fabrics
  • 100% expanded PTFE fiber that’s abrasion and fire-resistant
  • Steel posts coated with a rust-inhibiting primer and finished with a powder coating
  • Heavy-duty shade frames able to withstand 105 mph wind speeds

Shade Solutions for Every Recreational Area

Products to Be Enjoyed for Generations

We can assure you the products and installation jobs you’ll receive from Zoom Recreation are built to last. When you work with Zoom Recreation, you partner with a team that has relationships with the nation’s top recreational equipment manufacturers. Point being, your final product from us will be a great investment that is long lasting, looks great, and holds up to the day-to-day wear and tear that comes with having fun.


Meet your local rep, Chris!

Chris has fond memories playing organized sports throughout his childhood and is passionate about helping improve recreation throughout Arizona for future generations of kids. He brings with him an energy that is contagious to all that meet him!

As the new owner of a sweet new rescue puppy named Wheat, Chris enjoys taking Wheat out on hikes around all of the cool hiking trails around Phoenix and Scottsdale as well as spending time with his girlfriend.

Chris brings to his designs an extensive knowledge of the Arizona climate and how best to create a space that will be functional year round, as well as maximize the play value for the kids using the equipment. Understanding the project management side of things, you are working with someone who can help see your vision through from the design stage all the way through construction”

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