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One of the best parts about living in Southern California is the constant sunshine day in and day out regardless of the season. While you rarely have to pack an umbrella, you do have to prepare for the sun. If your park, school or community is looking for a shade solution, Zoom Recreation is here for you! Some features of our shade structures include:
  • UV stabilized shade fabrics
  • 100% expanded PTFE fiber that’s abrasion and fire-resistant
  • Steel posts coated with rust-inhibiting primer and finished with a powder coating
  • Heavy-duty shade frames able to withstand 105 mph wind speeds
We offer several fabric colors and multiple frame colors so you can customize your shade to match your playground or amenity space! What’s more is that most of our shade structures can incorporate our Glide Elbow™. With a fabric hook connector and an internal glide rod,this unique patented feature allows you to easily remove the fabric for severe weather or fabric replacements.

Rectangle Hip Shades

One of the most popular and affordable shade structures, this shade option provides large coverage for a variety of areas. A rectangular hip shade is ideal for covering a playground structure or an outdoor gathering space. Our rectangle shades come in standard sizes of 10’x12’, 18’x20’, 24’x30’, and more! We offer standard entry heights of 8’, 10’, and 12’. If you are looking to cover a playground, we recommend an entry height of 12’ or higher. For an even larger space, our rectangle canopies can be combinedto form a multi-dome hip shade. Compatible with our Glide Elbow™,our hip shade structures are available in square sizes as well.

Cantilever Shades

Our cantilever shades offer a hanging design and unique coverage which makes them perfect for pools and parking lots. With this design, the support posts are conveniently built on one side of the structure, providing an open concept space for cars, and unobstructed views for pool patrons. Our Glide Elbow™ also works well with our cantilever shades! Choose from some standard sizes of 18’x20’, 18’x27’, 18’x36’ with standard heights of 8’, 10’, and 12’.Our cantilever shades are suitable for narrow walkways and can be connected side-by-side for a longer length. Select from several types such as the Hanging Cantilever, Square Cantilever Umbrella, and Arched Cantilever shade to fit your space and convey a professional or luxurious look.

Sail Shades

For a more modern choice, our sail shades offer sun protection and add a unique aesthetic to any public space.Perfect for resorts, museums, and parks, our sail shade structures are designed to impress guests and visitors with its sharp and sleek appearance. Some sail shades we offer are triangle sails which can also be combined together for a stylish pattern. We also offer hyperbolic sails which are four-sided shades that have alternating attachment points to create a three-dimensional profile. With our sail shades, you will have the option to choose our Traditional Fabric or our Dual Shade Fabric. Our Dual Shade Fabric integrates two different color yarns into one fabric, resulting in a shimmery, holographic effect.

Umbrella Shades

Our umbrella shades are an easy, economical solution for your shade needs. With one of our umbrella shades, you can cover up to nearly 600 square feet of space! Choose from square, hexagon, and octagon shapes and sizes ranging from 8’ to 26’. Our versatile umbrella shade structures are suitable for restaurant patios, hotels, smaller play spaces, and more! Using a single post and the option to include our Glide Elbow™, installation is easy for our umbrella shades.

Custom Shades

For a whimsical theme, we offer unique designs such as our Halo Disc Shade and our Flower Shade. Featuring a slim fabric disc suspended from two curved columns, our Halo Disc shade allows you to make a bold architectural statement. Sizes are available in 15’ and 21’ diameters. Another option is our Flower shade whichuses a traditional umbrella shade foundation with 5 flower petal shades attached. Featuring a 12’ diameter, the flower petal shades can have alternating colors, giving you creative freedom. We also offer custom-sized shade structures for your unique spacing requirements.

Playground Shade Toppers

Another way to provide shade for your kids, our shade toppers can be integrated onto our playground structures or installed onto an existing playground structure. A great solution for a tighter budget, our modular shade toppers include square, rectangle, hexagon, quad sail, and pinwheel designs. Exclusively designed with our Glide Elbow™, our shade toppers are available for square or rectangular decks only. Canopy sizes and heights are dependent upon deck and post sizes. Rectangle shade toppers are also available for our swing sets!

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A Wide Range of Shade Structure Selections

Despite your unique aesthetic vision or budget, the team of Zoom Recreation can help you find the commercial shade structure solution that will benefit your area. We offer cantilever shades for pool side seating or parking lot areas, large hip shades to cover entire playground spaces as well as sail shades for both aesthetic and functional purposes to cover a wide range of areas. Whether you need a pavilion or a commercial sail shade canopy, Zoom Recreation can help make your vision a reality. The commercial grade shade canopies, commercial pool shade structures and commercial patio shades we use are highly rated and will be a beautiful benefit to your area. Our goal is to help you find your solution. In working with a top manufacturer in the U.S., Zoom Recreation can help your park, school or community find its next commercial shade structure – Offering a cool, shaded experience to everyone who visits.

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Los Angeles is home. With a deep passion for this city and its surrounding areas, Zoom is committed to offering the most practical and beautiful commercial shade structures to LA’s communities, all to continually improve this place we call home. By offering only the most recommended products at an agreeable price, Zoom wants to help develop LA in every way we can. We’re proud to help the Los Angeles area, and we’re looking forward to working on your project to take your development to the next level.

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With Zoom Recreation, expect quality service and exceptional products. Our experienced and knowledgeable team works with dedication to help every client meet their expectations, deadline and budget. Working closely with Superior Recreational Products, we offer impressive products that are durable, modern and quality. Operating with high standards that are reflective of our products, the Zoom Recreation team places importance on your satisfaction. Our goal is your goal, and we’re looking forward to collaboratively working alongside you to reach that target.