How to Create a Fitness Trail

If you’re developing an HOA or re-designing a recreational park, one aspect you should consider is having a fitness trail with outdoor fitness equipment. More and more outdoor parks in Los Angeles are seeing added fitness trails with exercise equipment. Therefore, it is important to provide an outdoor fitness space that is easy to access, functional, and free to use for guests. Here are some ways to design a fitness trail for your recreational space with our commercial outdoor fitness equipment.

Fitness Trails Based on Age and Difficulty

Rendering of Outdoor Fitness Equipment

One design idea is to place certain equipment pieces in designated areas for middle-aged and elderly adults. Here at Zoom Recreation, we recently had the opportunity to design a fitness trail with many fitness areas. We assigned a majority of the 20′ x 20′ areas to have versatile, traditional adult equipment that are beginner to intermediate level. To name a few, we picked the Sit-Up Bench, Chin Bar, and a wavy, S-shaped Jump Beam. We also included stretching posts which everyone can use regardless of age and skill level.

For the spaces that measured 40′ x 20′, we decided that that space would have a higher level of difficulty for adults who are more active. Thus, these spaces comprise of the Captain’s Chair, the Push-Up Station, and a Chin-Up Station. For the other 40′ x 20′ areas, we wanted a section where elderly, senior adults have the space to exercise and maintain their mobility. Therefore, we chose fitness pieces such as a Skill Trainer to exercise the arms.

Exercise for Seniors
Woman Exercising with a Skill Trainer

One important factor in arranging a fitness trail is to allow guests and visitors to exercise within their comfort zone with appropriate fitness equipment. This will also prevent any accidental injuries since outdoor fitness components will be designated for an age group.

Another note to take into consideration is separating a fitness trail away from the children’s playgrounds. The recommended age group for our fitness equipment is 13 years old and over. Therefore, we do not recommend for the fitness trail to be near a playground and easily accessible for children.

Targeting Certain Muscle Groups on Fitness Trails

Fitness Equipment
Woman Exercising on Sit-Up Bench

Another way to create a fitness trail is by organizing fitness items based on the muscle group that they work out. For a general recreational park, the fitness trail could start with items that target biceps and triceps such as our Horizontal Ladder and our Parallel Bars. As guests finish their arm workout, they could move onto the center portion of the fitness trail for abs and core strengthening. For this portion, we offer fitness equipment such as our Sit-Up Bench and our Captain’s Chair. The third section could focus on improving balance and coordination through our Balance Board Station and Balance Beam. Lastly, the final section could strengthen the leg muscles by having fitness equipment such as the Cardio Walker or the Leg Press.

Size of Fitness Trails and Types of Fitness Equipment

Outdoor Exercise
Visitors Exercising in Smaller Fitness Area

If you are designing a fitness trail for a residential neighborhood, you might have less space than an outdoor park. Therefore, the size of the fitness trail matters since it will determine which exercise equipment are most suitable. If you’re working with a smaller area, we recommend items such as our Balance Board Station and Balance Plank. These fitness pieces have a smaller use zone, meaning that they do not require a lot of space to use. Having smaller, space-saving exercise equipment allows you to incorporate multiple pieces and optimize the given space. However, if you have the luxury of a large, open space, one challenging yet functional piece of fitness equipment is the Pull-Up and Dip Station. This piece offers a multi-muscle workout with pull-up bars on one side and parallel bars on the other.

Safety Surfacing for Fitness Trails

Lastly, after designing and choosing the right fitness equipment for your fitness trail, it is necessary to plan for safety surfacing. The fitness trail surfacing will need to be heavy duty and long-lasting especially when adults are stepping on the surfacing. That’s why the ideal surfacing for this space is decomposed granite mixed with a stabilizer to hold it all together. Decomposed granite offers traction so that users will not slip and fall during a workout. Additionally, a stabilizer will ensure that the surfacing lasts.

Ready to Design a Fitness Trail?

Zoom Recreation is here to help whether you’re designing a children’s playground or an adult playground. We’ll help you choose the right fitness equipment for your community. Ready to encourage healthy habits and outdoor exercise? Give us a call at 866-234-3392 or get in touch by filling out a contact form. To see more products that we offer, follow us on Facebook and Instagram!